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Ad Victoriam by FandomGirl74
Ad Victoriamby FandomGirl74
Alyssa Lynn is nobody but a lost soul in the Commonwealth, a woman out of time. She's on the quest of looking for her son and finding the truth of why she was the only o...
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Now or Never: Elder Maxson x Reader - Part 2 by Zionthewanderer111
Now or Never: Elder Maxson x Zion
Uri Sanchez has joined the Brotherhood of Steel in the hope that they may be able to help her pass through the Glowing Sea safely. But, before they can get to that, she...
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Wildfire - Elder Maxson x reader - Part 1 by Zionthewanderer111
Wildfire - Elder Maxson x Zion
It's at the Battle of Bunker Hill that Uri Sanchez meets Arthur Maxson, Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel. There, they make a deal: if she uses her pip-boy map to guide...
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Heart of Steel Turned Gold  by ChristiRivas
Heart of Steel Turned Gold by Christi Rivas
Elder Maxson never really needed a woman, but that adorably awkward vault dweller showed up to make him feel like a kid again. Will he let her into his life? You're damn...
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Ad Victoriam ~ Elder Maxson x reader - Part 3 by Zionthewanderer111
Ad Victoriam ~ Elder Maxson x Zion
After finding Shaun, Uri gained a new purpose: to destroy the Institute and everything it stands for. That goal just so happens to coincide with her boyfriend's, who cam...
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Elder Maxson x ghost (OC) by why_do_i_try_this
Elder Maxson x ghost (OC)by Im_a_freakin_panda!!
After fallout 4 elder Maxson and Danse were put in a secret cryostasis base underneath the camebrige police station. They were frozen for 1000 years in the future unti...
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Fallout Oneshots by yepimstillhere
Fallout Oneshotsby yepimstillhere
Just a bunch of oneshots from the fallout series
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Imagine the Fallout 4 Guys.  by Hailey_Brooke731
Imagine the Fallout 4 Guys. by Hailey Campbell
Preferences and imagines for the fallout 4 gentlemen. Maxson, Sturges, and Travis includes.
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Heart of Steel // Elder Maxson-Fallout 4 by CallMeWinter
Heart of Steel // Elder s.m.
((Warning this short story contains spoilers// Readers beware!)) After defeating the institute and being named Sentinel, Catherine Adams, begins to reshape her world and...
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Legacy by JoannaNikolakakos
Legacyby Spooky Cookie
Squire Arthur Maxson doesn't have many friends at the Citadel. Almost everyone only sees him as the future legacy of Roger Maxson. However, he soon meets someone who see...
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Soldier Boy by _videnoir
Soldier Boyby George A. Mick
Danse×Maxson, what more could you want? There's hardly any Danse x Maxson stories so I'll make one. Yeah. The REAL summary: Two not so opposites go from colleagues to ma...
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