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Unknown Relation  by kainat-kainat
Unknown Relation by ❤heartfulsoul❤
Shivika first forced marriage track ......
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The Aphrodisiac-Carrying Man[ COMPLETED] by _SarNe_
The Aphrodisiac-Carrying Man[ kiss_t^t
Description Ling Mao Er met a man, his scent smells like Spring medicine!¹ This is a modern monster novel, the monsters all became spirits before the country's founding...
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Running Scars by FreedomHasan
Running Scarsby Raneem Hasan
Rose was only 16 when her problems began. Her life would never be the same the moment her mother passed away. When her nightmare returns, she finally decides to do somet...
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Rose III by bjorghalla
Rose IIIby Bjorg Halla
BOOK 3 DOES NOT STAND ALONE MUST READ THE FIRST AND SECOND ONE Tragedy has struck the power couple Rose Ace and her fiancé Alexander Knight who desperately fight each da...
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WHY SO CLINGY? [Why So Series 1] (A ChanBaek Fanfiction) by kingexoxo
WHY SO CLINGY? [Why So Series 1] ( mrs. chanbaek
Baekhyun is a smart guy, who is very oblivious most of the times, and is very innocent. He's contented watching Chanyeol from a far because the guy just hates him like h...
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Heart Like Yours [Completed] by SkinnyJeanie
Heart Like Yours [Completed]by Jean Lacap
"You may have flaws, Xian. You may be imperfect, but I swear, you're worthy." Walang hindi magagawa si Annika para sa pamilya. Kaya naman nang manganib ang...
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I'm Inlove With The Arrogant Gangster?!  by Minxiimine
I'm Inlove With The Arrogant Caxx
Kilalanin natin si Heaven Maxine Elliott, isang babaeng maganda, mayaman, matapang, may pag ka-attitude, at childish. Sa hindi malamang dahilan ay inilipat siya b...
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Vampire Prince by anonymousjessy1509
Vampire Princeby Jessy
~It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice~ Jacintha is just like another average girl, living an ordinary life until her fate leads her to the vamp...
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HIS DEVON by _taliyahk_
HIS DEVONby TaliyahK
He ripe his light grey shirt in one jerk. Taking a small piece, he turn it around my wrist. A low hiss escape from my lips causing his beautiful grey eyes to move from m...
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The Boss' Fault by LAPandora
The Boss' Faultby L.A. Pandora
Nine years. For nine years Nadine had stuck by her arrogant boss' side until one day, she decided that enough is enough. But he did not make it easy for her. No matter w...
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For as long as I can remember his shadow has followed me. He has protected me more times than I'd like to admit, but I know nothing more can come from us. As he is only...
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Faded Spring Flower by MaiMohamed88
Faded Spring Flowerby Mai Muh. Morsii
My Life Seems Like a Very Depressing Movie. It Feels As Though Everything Is Going Wrong- Every Single Thing. It's Tiring. I Believe In Hell... But Right Now, I'm In No...
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The Stone Knight (gay) by monkeybreath
The Stone Knight (gay)by monkeybreath
Dylan is rich, unapproachable and faithful to the memory of his late wife. After an unfortunate one-night stand with consequences, he is the father of a second son, Noa...
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Love Is In The Air♥️ by Kristyl15
Love Is In The Air♥️by Sana
Lavania is your typical highschool girl . She's not extremely popular , had a select group of friends and had a crush on one of the hottest guys at school. Tyler is the...
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Hateful Deals by mystical_dimples08
Hateful Dealsby Misty
Victoria Juliette Rose, daughter of a man who works in the Panther Company. She is beautiful, caring, stubborn and kind hearted. But what will happen when she will come...
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SWITCHED BRIDE  by ummiAhmed7
Hello guys ! This is a story about a raliya, she was a young girl full of dreams and hopes, he had fantasies just like any other girl of getting married to the love of h...
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Lethal by JustLexN
Lethalby Lex
She's an assassin. He's an arrogant prince. Her touch is lethal to all, except him. The two meet in a bakery when she kills his suitor. Now he's king and she is the onl...
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The Marriage Contract by writeratheart_soul
The Marriage Contractby writeratheart_soul
He is cold Hearted She is a sweetheart He hates love All she want is love He is rude She is kind Hayden Collin: He is a billionaire very successful in his life. From ch...
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His Love! Her Revenge by JyoankG
His Love! Her Revengeby Jyotsuna Gupta
After joining Agrawal Enterprises (AGR Group) with her fake background, Arpita receives overwhelming commendation for her work and soon became a trustworthy employee of...
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Her crush His love by chio83
Her crush His loveby chio83
First story pls be nice Fernando Olivares it's a 35 year old 6:5 ft tall arrogant and cold-hearted son of a b**** he is the owner and CEO FO Tech one of the biggest tech...
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