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Men Of Stature | 18+  by Its_that_obvious27
Men Of Stature | 18+ by Tragedy_
Previously known as "Astrid and Armani" . She hated life just as much as it , her . That's until she bumps into one man that gets her unknowingly involved in s...
The Paparazzi  by everything_annie7
The Paparazzi by everything_annie7
You know Annie and Hayden have their chemistry as well as Kenzie and Johnny.. or do you ? Publicly Annie is Hayden's girlfriend but behind closed doors it's a different...
Inside Love by RubiRubiana
Inside Loveby Shtriga me cool
Ajo ishte flutura e ferrit te saj ndersa ai ishte heroi i endrrave te saj. Ador nje vajze 20-vjecare e mbyllur ne burgun e fatit te saj kerkon celesin per te dal nga ai...
Our Life  |Slow Updates| by AkNation9
Our Life |Slow Updates|by A&k Nation
Make sure yall read No Love and No love Pt.2 first. This book is about the kids once they grew up. They life was hard as children. How did it Effect them As young Adult...
My Love, My Life, My World by larry_88
My Love, My Life, My Worldby Larry_88
Ariyah, and Amaini are best friends and has been through a lot in their lives,now their starting a new life, and is forgetting what happened in the past. While they are...
Dream (ashannie)  by madsstoryteller
Dream (ashannie) by madsstoryteller
My name is Julianna Grace LeBlanc, I am 16 years old. I'm the new girl in town Attaway. I have a little sister Hayley and a twin brother Johnny. Hayley is 12 years old...
Piece of Me(Sequel to Wonder Woman ) by queenajaylove
Piece of Me(Sequel to Wonder Ajay Love
Armani and Trey are back and let's just say that these two go through a lot. There's going to be a lot of criticism towards they're relationship and its gonna get worse...
streaks ✰ ashannie by leblaancs
streaks ✰ ashannieby ミ★ 𝐄𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐘
-ˋˏ🌱🌿🐚・ 。゚✧: *.☽ ─── 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐊𝐒 (ashannie) in w...
Bad Girls Always Win. by PoetsGarden
Bad Girls Always Sarah Rose
Katarina Wentworth's life did a 180 turn when her father thought it was time for her to settle down. He didn't like her playboy life and neither did her mother. So when...
Knight in Shining Armani by plook7
Knight in Shining Armaniby plook7
Pasha seemed to have everything until her parents decided to put her in a public school. Being homeschooled all her life is going to prove to her that this transition is...
𝓢𝓮𝔁 𝓭𝓲𝓪𝓻𝔂 𝓜.𝓟  by savge_love
A classic teenage girl named Armani falls for her best friend mattia polibio she then starts a sex diary but gets caught out she is the only girl in her friend group and...
Unbreakable(Third Book to Wonder Woman) by queenajaylove
Unbreakable(Third Book to Wonder Ajay Love
Now that everyone is united and things are working out between Trey and Armani's families, Armani has been working with Trey. In other words they're on tour together, bu...
You and I by hausofswanqueen
You and Iby that rah rah bi†ch
Angelina and Rosalia Armani are two girls who live with their wealthy father Leo and his girlfriend Scarlett. Their father, an owner of a company worth more than a numb...
The Carters 2 💖 by hotgirlcee_
The Carters 2 💖by Atlanta Hottie💋
Read The Carters First so you won't be confused thanks 😘
The Project  by lizziejoyce1006
The Project by somebody
"I though you hated me" "Yeah well so did I"
Armani | ✎ on hold by nettaxo_
Armani | ✎ on holdby Elle
Armani Winters. Not just an ordinary girl. She is different. She is the daughter of the goddess of love. Even though her mother is the goddess of love and beauty and wha...
The love of my life (Freshmen year) by kaniyacute
The love of my life (Freshmen year)by kaniya diggs
3 girl bestfriends become friends with 3 boy bestfriends they all become friends and they all catch feelings for each other. What happens when the boys become gangste...
A One Direction Summer (Completed/Finished) by It_Will_All_Work_Out
A One Direction Summer ( Wanderlust
Prolog: Scarlett is the typical 18-teen year old rebel with an edge toward fashion. She is known as the untouchable hot blonde, who doesn’t care for anyone other than he...
What Now? | Armani & Fifth Harmony Fanfiction by _arianna_katelyn
What Now? | Armani & Fifth _arianna_katelyn
After unexpectedly getting pregnant by Arin Ray at the tender age of 17, Normani Hamilton decides to quit Fifth Harmony for good.