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When Will It Last? by LyssaCera
When Will It Last?by Lyssa Al
Princess Arlia Elizabeth Knight. Being born a Princess is what any young ladies dreamed to be, but not this Princess. Being born with everything laid out to you is a goo...
Our Story With Arlie And Noah by sexylikenarry
Our Story With Arlie And Noahby Phoebe Bellaressi
India Daisy Ashman a normal twenty two year old. Niall James Horan a international superstar. Five years ago they met at a party and shorty after they were expecting a l...
Dear Sawyer, Dear Arlie, by frootloopsmilk
Dear Sawyer, Dear Arlie,by Elizabeth Robinson
Arlie Becker and his best friend, Sawyer, start having stalker like issues when pictures of them cuddling end up all over their school. To find out who did it, the boys...
A Thug's Love Never Dies[CURRENTLY EDITING] by Miss_Hoodnificent
A Thug's Love Never Dies[ Miss G
This is the sequel to "A Thug's Only Love" Enjoy the twists n' turns, ups n' downs, break ups n' make ups, cheating n' loyalty, Lexis and Nelle face along wit...
A Thug's True Love [UNEDITED] by Miss_Hoodnificent
A Thug's True Love [UNEDITED]by Miss G
This is the 3rd book in my little Thug series. See how the gangs life changes when the years go by and their own children are now old enough to understand the gang life...
Oakland's Greatest by Miss_Hoodnificent
Oakland's Greatestby Miss G
This is the early child hood of Arlie from the "Thug Love Series". Go trough his memories that ultimately led him to be; Oakland's Greatest.
Henny, Caffeine, Green & Nicotine by Miss_Hoodnificent
Henny, Caffeine, Green & Nicotineby Miss G
Why not tap into the early love - hate story of Arlie and Heather from my "Thug Love Series"? *вe ѕυre тo нave read мy тнυg love ѕerιeѕ ғιrѕт* Hope Y'all Enjo...
The Love Affairs: The Cliche of All Love Stories by insanitywrites_
The Love Affairs: The Cliche of insanitywrites_
4 girls in university, Falling in love. In the most expectable ways. the cliche of all love stories; The Love Affairs. :)