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Thomas' little sister  by george__xo
Thomas' little sister by george__xo
Aris ff we meet him in like the fifth chapter or sum. Contains swearing. Ofc. I'm not good at descriptions so yuh. don't judge the bad quality i am shit at writing. I...
I'm Not Little (T.S.T) + (T.D.C) by -acciohorcrux
I'm Not Little (T.S.T) + (T.D.C)by *。page 394 *。
❝Aren't doctors supposed to save people?❞ In which the 13 year old escapes from W.I.C.K.E.D for a second time, along with a group of boys and one girl who were also in a...
His Sunshine (Aris) by PJOHPfangirl
His Sunshine (Aris)by Holland_Is_Queen
Maddie is a fourteen year-old girl in the glade with over twenty guys. One day her brother comes and takes her on a whole adventure, where she might meet a boy who was t...
The Death Cure - Gally oc by salt1234321
The Death Cure - Gally ocby salt1234321
When Gally gets left behind by the gladers, a group fighting against WCKD finds him and patches him up. In that group there was a girl, Finley, who's brother was taken b...
M15 - The Truepenny ‖ tmr fanfic by LunaSinger2000
M15 - The Truepenny ‖ tmr fanficby Luna
Riley was the only girl in her maze and the only one who survived. Honestly, it didn't really bother her. She hated the boys. She doesn't talk to anyone, especially boys...
chaos [1] by -ralphbohner
chaos [1]by maddie
"it was her chaos that made her beautiful." - atticus. [female oc x minho] Raelyn was rescued from her torturous maze and put into a new facility where the pe...
Subject B7, The Light [TST/TDC x child!oc] by sudifne21
Subject B7, The Light [TST/TDC x 🥀manta.island🖤
[Completed] Evangeline is one of the girls from Group B, she's 7 years old. She meets the boys from Group A while they were making their way to the Safe Haven. What woul...
𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐇𝐎 | Imagines by wicked_is_good_
𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐇𝐎 | Imaginesby PasttheGone
◦This book contains imagines of Minho. ◦ Based on the movies. ◦ Updates every week. ◦ Credits: Minho and The Maze Runner series belong to James Dashner. started: 26.03.2...
Can You Love Me? (A Draco Malfoy Love Story) by slythbabe13
Can You Love Me? (A Draco Malfoy slythbabe13
This is the story of Aris Donavon, a sixteen year-old gryffindor, who up until now had pretty much been non-existant to the Slytherin prince, Draco Malfoy. But suddenly...
Dream; Thomas- The Scorch Trials by stantrash18
Dream; Thomas- The Scorch Trialsby J ✨
Dream [driːm] NOUN A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep: Carina had dreams of a boy with dark brown hair and beautiful...
𝐅𝐋𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 by georgescumwater
𝐅𝐋𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑by lis or ellis <3
❝We made it.❞ ❝Bye bitches!!❞ ----- ❝I got you Flower, just hold on. Please?❞ ❝I'm so sorry Aris.❞ ----- Subject B2: The killer Subject A5: The glue Florence was a 18 yr...
Taken Away | Aris Jones  by Aris_Jones
Taken Away | Aris Jones by Maze_Runner
What happens when people find out that Jorge has a daughter ? And what happens when W.C.K.D takes her? Amber was 7 was living her happy life with her loving father and...
Emotionless »« Newt by KittyKat014773
Emotionless »« Newtby Kit.
"There aren't any others like her." Ava stands up, slowly walking up to the screen. If Ava Paige wasn't there through a hologram, perhaps Janson would've felt...
The Maze Runner/The Scorch Trials Imagines by dyl_spider
The Maze Runner/The Scorch Brianna
The Maze Runner/The Scorch Trials imagines *Requests are closed right now!* (But will open again soon)
I fell for the quiet one -Aris x fem reader  by perlacd06
I fell for the quiet one -Aris x perlacd06
Hello this is my first book so sorry if it's not the best but I didn't see many people doing aris fanfics so I decided to write one hope you enjoy Disclaimer I do not o...
The alone boy by novit2009
The alone boyby novit2009
When Hazel Green is in a maze with all boys till a new boy Thomas comes to get them out. But when your out there in more trouble again but try escaping with Aris Jones h...
The Former Partner (Aris X Reader) by Once_Upon_A_Glade
The Former Partner (Aris X Reader)by Once_Upon_A_Glade
[Completed] "I feel like I truly know him. Like we have a connection, Rachel," sighed (Y/N). "Are you sure that you're not the one who has a crush on him...
Don't Stop The Lone Love ||Aris Jones x Reader [COMPLETE] by Mxllas_Hxrdy
Don't Stop The Lone Love ||Aris ☆Donnie☆
I havent seen many Aris imagines out there so why not make one of my fave Scorch Trails character. He doesn't belong to me as i do wish he did but Aris belongs to the a...
Maze Runner Text Post Stories  by -PeterStarkson-
Maze Runner Text Post Stories by Prev. NewtTMR422
Text, Twitter, Tinder, and other social media posts about your favorite gladers {Highest Ranking: 3rd in #Newt}