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Reading Between The Lines (Sabriel) by KittyHazelnut
Reading Between The Lines (Sabriel)by KittyHazelnut
Sabriel is the weirdest crack ship Supernatural canon has ever seen. And yes, it's canon. The Trickster brings Dean back from the dead, but for a price. He isn't asking...
Avengers supernatural  by mvnixc
Avengers supernatural by 𐂂𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕠𐂂
When the Avengers meet Supernatural, they team up to find two giant energy sources that could be dangerous beings but didn't expect them to be merely two children
Destiel and Sabriel One Shots by MeganW923
Destiel and Sabriel One Shotsby Megan Wentworth
This is my first piece (if you can even count it cuz yknow its one-shots) and it will consist of Destiel and Sabriel cuz I love spn. I'm not much into smut but I do looo...
Angel and the Beast  by mvnixc
Angel and the Beast by 𐂂𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕠𐂂
What's the worst thing that could happen when being crowned king. Being cursed. Dean is cursed for judging monsters for what they are. In heaven, there is a beautiful an...
SPN Short Stories by UncutChaos
SPN Short Storiesby Uncut.Chaos
There is mild language! Swear words! Just a warning. If you don't mind, continue on. This has: Destiel (Dean x Castiel) Sabriel (Sam x Gabriel) Crobby (Crowley x Bobby...
And Michael by EdenCrowleyFell2002
And Michaelby EdenCrowleyFell2002
A little heads up for the title. It's a Hamilton reference. From the song Schulyer sisters. You know. Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. This would be Crowley, Gabriel, and Mic...
Good Omens Fanfics by UncutChaos
Good Omens Fanficsby Uncut.Chaos
Warning: Mild Language Ships: Aziraphale x Crowley Hastur x Ligur Beelzebub x Gabriel I don't write all the time, mostly only when I'm tired and have nothing better to...
Goddess Of Death by khays306
Goddess Of Deathby Fanficqueen306
From Death there can never be life for Death can only take away not create... Right? What if just once that was not the truth? What would happen if Death had a child wit...
The Winchester Sister Tales: The Story // Gabriel x OC by timeladyjamie
The Winchester Sister Tales: The Jamie (Romana)
Jayne was never meant to have the life of a normal person. She was born to be special, destined to be the Slayer and be raised as a Winchester. Her life ends up taking a...
Fighting Hell by SilverWolf_Phoenix12
Fighting Hellby Phoenix
Hollis Collins is an Hybrid. A mix between an Angel and Werewolf. She must find a Hellhound on Earth and deliver him to Hell to start the war between Heaven and Hell. Th...
Ineffable Bureaucracy; The ineffable events between Beelzebub and Gabriel by Xanthicat
Ineffable Bureaucracy; The Xanthicat
The timeline between Beelzebub and Gabriel of all that has happened between them over the years.
No es excusa by Supermonstrum
No es excusaby Supermonstrum
El Armageddon fue cancelado. Gabriel como Beelzebub comparten cierta desilusión aunque eso no es excusa para comportamientos inapropiados, ¿verdad, arcángel?
BattleGround: Earth by RobinWilliamDeLeon
BattleGround: Earthby RobinWilliamDeLeon
The fight between the angels and demons in the book of Isaiah. The greatest battle royale of all time... set on the plains and ground of Planet Earth.
Beelzebub x Gabriel by Anxiety-Ghost
Beelzebub x Gabrielby Anxiety-Ghost
My first story! Beelzebub x Gabriel (In this, Beelzebub, is Non-binary)
The Prophecy - Supernatural [Gabriel love story] by AthenaLentz
The Prophecy - Supernatural [ Athena Lentz
inspired by the CW TV show Supernatural Very AU All seasons mixed in one book This is a midquel to "The Angel Guardian" "Gabriel? So you're Loki...
My guardian angel archangel gabriel by NuclearLordHurricane
My guardian angel archangel gabrielby Nuclear Lord Hurricane Offici...
I had a dream a few days ago I was visited by the archangel Gabriel after praying to him and God that I will become a arospace engineer. For all the religious people inc...
Eversion- Ever Rising Book 1-under editing! by SwoopingSilver
Eversion- Ever Rising Book SwoopingSilver
Who do you think you can trust? Demons and angels have warred for millennia. It's what we've known best, my siblings and I. Yet throughout my people, my fellow angels, r...
The Grey Area||Good Omens Fic by titchybug_em
The Grey Area||Good Omens Ficby Em 🙇🏼‍♀️
Been putting this off for so long now but here's a Good Omens Fic! Aziraphale and Crowley, the notorious ineffable duo, become stuck 'baby sitting' Poppy, an 'angel' wh...
Raised Hell to Reach Heaven by selkiethestoryteller
Raised Hell to Reach Heavenby Abigail
(Will come later) Improved version of Welcome to Hell.