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Yül's a Jewel by Loafi-Senpai
Yül's a Jewelby Loafi
A sassy boy with no defining talents has to save people he doesn't consider his friends. Or does he? Writing practice based off a dream I had! I hope it's not too awful...
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The apocalypse  by amysmith31
The apocalypse by amysmith31
A thriller about a half zombie who is determined to make things right in a zombie apocalyploptic world but runs into a big problem
Until Dawn Approaches; Sophia Lillis x Female OC by JustAWildflower011
Until Dawn Approaches; Sophia Lill...by IvyTheWierdo
Rosie Dawn falls for her best friend, Olivia Ross, but when a zombie apocalypse approaches, Rosie's and Olivia's relation ship gets threatened. In the meantime, Rosie ma...
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KALA BEAR WARS : A New Mythology by neilaustin2212
KALA BEAR WARS : A New Mythologyby Neil Austin
Kala bears, wicked mutations of Australia's koala bears (marsupials), are on the rise. Humans were destroying the koala's whole world, their trees. They were powerless t...
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Rabid by rpture
Rabidby cutie
𝙍𝙖𝙗𝙞𝙙 ━ Happy Judgment Day, Motherfuckers! A group of misfits from Detroit have to survive an outbreak of rabies ...
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Burnt Skies by Olive_Aasimar
Burnt Skiesby Rose_Windell
When the first signs of disease broke out people assumed it was just a simple sickness. When it escalated and the people who were infected began trying to kill others, t...
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At Worlds End, will I Find You There?(Bokugou x Todoroki x Midoriya x Reader) by Mad_Mikky
At Worlds End, will I Find You The...by Mad_Mikky
...I smirk, Nathaniel flinches in the distant, I slide off the wall and cross the distance to my squad. Nathaniel approaches the three males, "Careful, you will nev...
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Fallen Kingdom (Countryhumans) by WhatDidIJustSee
Fallen Kingdom (Countryhumans)by Your Mom
There's no time to wait around. This is the apocalypse. The end of the world. You either fight, or you become food to the shambling meatbags outside, we used to call our...
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Jikook AU (Zombie Apokaylpse) by NotTodayCrystalSnow
Jikook AU (Zombie Apokaylpse)by Crystal Snow
Jimin ist ein normaler 17-Jähriger Junge. Er ist gut in der Schule und auch sonst wird er fast nie wargenommen. Außer natürlich von Jungkook bei dem er sich wünschte, da...
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Dog Days: Book One by Crimson_Graves
Dog Days: Book Oneby 𝓥𝓲𝓻𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓪 𝓡𝓲𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓼
On the day her life was supposed to begin, everything started to fall apart. Eighteen-year-old Arryn Lycaster just graduated high school. With aspirations of becoming a...
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Bermuda 3: Extinction by KarimSuliman
Bermuda 3: Extinctionby Karim Soliman
Book 3 of the No. 1 Sci-Fi and Action hit; BERMUDA. After the failure of their plan of Evolution, the Shomrunks make their final move and start the phase of Extinction...
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Mute (Slow Updates)  by xRoyalHalox
Mute (Slow Updates) by Grace Crownover
The undead is walking and there's many of them, they all are eating whatever's alive or what's left of the ones already dead. Samantha and her group have to worry about...
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Apocalyptic love story by Iwirtefanfiction
Apocalyptic love storyby fan fic writer
The world ended mankind destroyed itself with its atom bombs however something happened in nature the remaining plant life thrived on the radiation from the bombs. You s...
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The Darkening by deadlynaturist
The Darkeningby deadlynaturist
Little did we know, the volcanoes and earthquakes were just the beginning. Nature is a beautiful and terrifying thing. We thought the ash fall would be our biggest prob...
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Apocalypse // Daryl Dixon [1] by katieb2019
Apocalypse // Daryl Dixon [1]by katie
❝Anything could happen in the apocalypse.❞ In which Rick's younger sister and the wife of Shane Walsh, Mary Grimes-Walsh, does whatever it takes to protect her family fr...
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THE DIVINE ASTRAS by kvashisth266758
THE DIVINE ASTRASby Kshitij Vashisth
Rudra Vishant Tyagi is a normal guy, he works hard in his office during the day, works out, eats and takes care of his younger brother Kartik. At night, he fights for mo...
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Bonds and Magic(絆と魔法) by EmptyHallows
Bonds and Magic(絆と魔法)by OddManOut
A tale of madness. That's all it's been. Mysteries keep on unfolding and at what cost? I just wanted things to go back where it was. Never in my wildest dreams have I co...
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***FEATURED ON WATTPAD MYSTERY, FRIGHT & CREEPYPASTA*** Elliot Knox, the son of a renowned geneticist, suddenly has to deal with an alien apocalypse, while learning the...
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Once Again For You (BxB) by 194491M
Once Again For You (BxB)by bluemarshmallo.w
Within the Zombie apocalypse. Everyone Knows that a single decision in you're lifetime can affect you forever. ...
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A Brave Soldier's Story: Ragnarök by Kasura_Sakaejima
A Brave Soldier's Story: Ragnarökby KasuraS
Many decades have passed since Berlin was ravaged by the hands of the Red Army. Even if Adolf Hitler is no more, the scars he and his men left behind are still engraved...
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