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Blossom | Tanjiro x reader by fairijimin
Blossom | Tanjiro x readerby Carys☁️🌱
••• "Our love blossomed like the cherry trees around us." He whispered stepping back. I looked around me, the once dead trees blooming like spring had come in...
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Burning Heart's (bakugouxreaderxDabi)  by Q-Flux
Burning Heart's ( Demon.Slayer
(Y/N) is just a normal sixteen year old trying to survive. Nothing abnormal about that..right? That's until she comes across two guys with completely different personali...
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Rin and Sesshomaru by foreva_dreamin
Rin and Sesshomaruby foreva_dreamin
Ever since she was 8, Rin has been faced with the choice between the human world and the demon world. Walking on the dividing line, a new threat endangers her life and s...
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Harem Camp (Reverse Harem x Reader) by Shiro402
Harem Camp (Reverse Harem x Reader)by Shiro
You've been awarded an exclusive summer trip!? You didn't let me finish... It's to an all boys camp. The camp tried to call your parents to pick you up but, they are ha...
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Trial &Error EndeavorxReaderxAll Might love story  by Q-Flux
Trial &Error EndeavorxReaderxAll Demon.Slayer
Y/N was just a girl with dreams but that all came crashing down in one incident. Will she reunite with some old friends to get her back on track as well find some love a...
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My Star || Katsudeku/Bakudeku by Wolftime56
My Star || Katsudeku/Bakudekuby Wolftime56
Soulmates. When two souls merge together and become one. It happen's everyday. It's sometimes a miracle to find your perfect soulmate because it is possible to have more...
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Uta X Reader lemon's  by queen_of_the_clowns
Uta X Reader lemon's by queen_of_the_clowns
Lemon's that involves you and Uta from Tokyo Ghoul in different scenario's.
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A Bizarre Heart's Tale (JonathanxBold!ReaderxDio) by Mutants_in_Manhattan
A Bizarre Heart's Tale ( Mutants_in_Manhattan
You're set up by your father and George Joestar for you to marry either Jonathan or Dio. Even though at first it all seemed like ludicris as time goes on you find yourse...
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The Guy I've Always Loved (Anime Story) by Triebeth_Here
The Guy I've Always Loved (Anime Triebeth
Takami Hirota, a 16-year old girl, is the most popular girl in school. When she was younger, she fell in love with a guy named Akihiro Kaneko. However, soon after, Akihi...
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Ouran high school host club [One Shots] by so-much-for-love
Ouran high school host club [One Ambyr O'Neill
One shots based on songs that you will know.
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❥KuroKen Forever ♥️ by PrinceCrissy5210
❥KuroKen Forever ♥️by 🌺•••Crissy•••🦄
Maybe we can get past this level together ? ♥️ maybe we can win every game together ! ♥️ we are the vollyball the net is what we need to overcome to be together ♥️ m...
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BNHA & KNY ー READER INSERT ! 👹 after past events leading up to where a certain girl and her peers are suddenly pulled into a new world where demons ...
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Pride (IchiRuki Fanfiction) 💗 by AgressiveBiatch57
Pride (IchiRuki Fanfiction) 💗by SmartCreature
To all of us who think that Bleach should have ended differently. IchiRuki 4ever. #ichiruki❤️
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teaser takagi afterstory by KITTNC
teaser takagi afterstoryby KITTNC
a fan fictional story about what happened between Takagi and Nishikata in their third year of secondary school and further , please enjoy!! (the story is only a fan fict...
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No More Nightmares (KiritoXAsuna) by InanimateTears
No More Nightmares (KiritoXAsuna)by Jocelyn
The death of Asuna's parents was horrible, and since that day she has had nightmares constantly. Her best friend Rika helps her the best she can, and even got her a job...
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OC ー READER INSERT ! 💉 in which a young girl tragically dies, instead of going to either heaven or hell, she finds herself dressing up in pretty pin...
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Bakusquad reacts to ships by JJBakugou
Bakusquad reacts to shipsby Katsuki Bakugou
Baku squad reacts to ships that are mostly with bakugou and there in the end is a big fat kiribaku ship enjoy ig
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SoulxMaka by SoulxMaka_Forever
SoulxMakaby SoulEater_Ships
"You won't loose me. If you go, I go. If you stay, I stay. You know why? Because I love you Maka Albarn. And I always will."
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Hidden Hatake (a Naruto/Kakshi fanfiction) by hannah_from_arkham
Hidden Hatake (a Naruto/Kakshi Hannah Josett
Hatake is a name of the brave in Konoha, and Kakashi is the "last," with no children to carry his grand Hatake name. Until she comes to Konoha, a grand ninja...
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Another Levi Love Story (LevixReader) by Q-Flux
Another Levi Love Story ( Demon.Slayer
Another LevixReader story. Will you be okay in letting him go?
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