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Extra Credit (Sugawara x Reader Lemon) by atiredfanficwriter
Extra Credit (Sugawara x Reader atiredfanficwriter
Suga's your hot English teacher. I wrote this at like 1am and revised it at 2. I'm not sure about it, but i hope you all like it.
Rivals (Hisoka x Reader Lemon) by atiredfanficwriter
Rivals (Hisoka x Reader Lemon)by atiredfanficwriter
It's during the Heavens Arena arc. Pls enjoy it :D
Drunk Love (Beel x Reader Lemon) by atiredfanficwriter
Drunk Love (Beel x Reader Lemon)by atiredfanficwriter
Beel drinks too much one night and things get spicy. I have no idea what I was doing with this but pls enjoy :D
One Last Note by justsomehaikyuu
One Last Noteby justsomehaikyuu
AU where Iwaizumi has married Oikawa's little sister, and Oikawa has killed himself.
Karma x reader by atiredfanficwriter
Karma x readerby atiredfanficwriter
It's the title. I don't really know where it's going but I hope that you all enjoy it. I'll finish it. Probably
The Greatest Treasure by justsomehaikyuu
The Greatest Treasureby justsomehaikyuu
AU where Daichi is a member of a pirate crew and Suga is a blue merman. "Daichi felt his jaw drop. His heart beat faster, but this time, it wasn't because of excite...
Mha oneshots by atiredfanficwriter
Mha oneshotsby atiredfanficwriter
*REQUESTS OPEN* a oneshots book of different mha characters :3
The Warrior Of Stars by theshootingstar19
The Warrior Of Starsby aru_19
"Choices are only for weak! Warrior only has a way ..." He tells me. "What is my way?" I ask in curiosity.. ____________________________________ Mee...
Anna Blue x Damien Dawn by FionnaSInce1987
Anna Blue x Damien Dawnby FionnaSInce1987
This is !my first story so plz if u don't like it don't reads it Thank You and enjoy!!!!
Cancer Surviving (The Crafters fan Fic) by Sophie92998
Cancer Surviving (The Crafters Sophie92998
What happens when the group is torn apart when someone finds out they have cancer?
Fairy tail back in time by fairytail_3
Fairy tail back in timeby fairytail_3
When The main 5(including happy) get stuck 6 years in the past they have to turn to their past selves for help but have problems keeping the time line in order. (This is...
Black Butler: my butler, his noble flower... by SebastianGiouErris
Black Butler: my butler, his Sebastian Giou
this is where it all began, the day where the earl Ciel Phantomhive, met the queen of mother earth...Sieglinde Sullivan, a beautiful which who sooner will become a princ...
 You Got Me Under Your Sky by MangaFox9
You Got Me Under Your Skyby MangaFox9
Where am I.. I feel different... 'They say the world is different place'
favorite anime openings 901 by amazelcindya
favorite anime openings 901by winterblast
these are some of my favorite anime opening s I hope you guys like them
Various X Reader One Shots (REALLY SLOW UPDATES) by WellsBarry
Various X Reader One Shots ( WellsBarry
Where I make people happy by making them for you guys. REQUESTS ALWAYS OPEN.
Reality??? by Oniichanluvspizza
Reality???by Oniichanluvspizza
Idk guys it's about some weird story where you basically think you're gonna be on drugs . Probably gonna be bored since this is my first book. Tighty I dont expect to ge...
Nicknames  by Josythequeen
Nicknames by Josythequeen
sooooo this will have many different nicknames :3
Trouble & Treble  by MangaFox9
Trouble & Treble by MangaFox9
A young girl named Yuri hirko (treble) Meets A young boy named Aiken (trouble maker) ..... What would happen next?... (A short book to read)
Star Trek - Chasing Dreams by YouTubeLover911
Star Trek - Chasing Dreamsby Allison
CharacterBios, Somedayminecraft77, Animefan900, Saturday92998, Madi92998, Supperwholock0799, Littlest_Pet_Owner, and warriorfan3 in... Star Trek Chasing Dreams!
Hello and Goodbye by TheCrafters
Hello and Goodbyeby TheCrafters
A list of all the new crafters and old and even non existent. Written by The Crafters!