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Repetitions/The Nells Wikipedia by kimorahsmith679
Repetitions/The Nells Wikipediaby Kimmie Phantastic
A Wattpad version of a Wikipedia page for The Nells (Repetitions). ⚠️ (ATTENTION!: The characters and artworks does not belong to me, they belong to Bendy the Bunny. So...
Which Repetitions/The Nells Character Are You? by kimorahsmith679
Which Repetitions/The Nells Kimmie Phantastic
Find out what Repetitions/The Nells character you are!
The MisAdventures of the Nells || Repetitions || by kimorahsmith679
The MisAdventures of the Nells || Kimmie Phantastic
This is inspired by @Blueberry_Sundae2115, but my version.
Repetitions/The Nells Headcanons by kimorahsmith679
Repetitions/The Nells Headcanonsby Kimmie Phantastic
Some headcanon stuff of The Nells in my AU
My Art Book || The Nells || by kimorahsmith679
My Art Book || The Nells ||by Kimmie Phantastic
A Book of artworks/drawings of The Nells (+ Others) from "Repetitions"
You Have Nowhere To Go by kimorahsmith679
You Have Nowhere To Goby Kimmie Phantastic
Betrayal and despair sometimes can not overcome fate, no matter what it is, nothing can be overcome
The Nell Kids || Skits || by kimorahsmith679
The Nell Kids || Skits ||by Kimmie Phantastic
The Nell Kids! Terrance and his siblings, Jessica, Angie and Kenny! 💜💛💖💙
The Nells: Songs For The Nells by kimorahsmith679
The Nells: Songs For The Nellsby Kimmie Phantastic
This is a book of The Nells. The songs that (I think) describe/or fit for The Nells. This is a fan made book.
The Nells Being Savage by kimorahsmith679
The Nells Being Savageby Kimmie Phantastic
The Nells Being Savage.The book is about Terrance and Kenneth's revenge on Flora. This is based off same one in @OverChaotic but this is my version.
Angie and Kenny || Repetitions/The Nells || by kimorahsmith679
Angie and Kenny || Repetitions/ Kimmie Phantastic
Angelina Nell and Kenneth Nell are best friends, playmates and siblings! Follow their adventures here as they experience fun and new things together while honing their c...
The Nells || Skits || by kimorahsmith679
The Nells || Skits ||by Kimmie Phantastic
This is a Book of the Nells skits, memes, and more