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Absolution of Hearts || Phantom Of The Opera Fanfiction  by ConSalto
Absolution of Hearts || Phantom myheartsings
Two years after the Opera Populaire was destroyed to the ground, it is opening its doors again. Erik still pained and heartbroken from Christine's betrayal is finding co...
Sweet Intoxication {Erik Destler x Reader} by m3ntallyexhausted
Sweet Intoxication {Erik Destler judy
Though he thought his life was to be a never-ending cycle of pain and sorrow, Erik Destler finds himself captivated by the lead pianist of the Paris Opera Populaire's to...
Through the Mirror || Phantom of the Opera (Completed) by the-magic-of-stories
Through the Mirror || Phantom of the-magic-of-stories
When struggling actress Marianna Harper finally catches her big break in a new, filmed-for-DVD production of “The Phantom of the Opera,” she believes life couldn't be be...
AN ANGEL(KENMA X READER) by blackpanthom08
A beautiful angel caught kenma's eye. The angelic voice that capture his attention that makes him out of focus. note: I do not own Haikyuu or any of the songs mention. a...
Red Rose Thorn (Phantom Of The Opera) by GrapeJuice1011
Red Rose Thorn (Phantom Of The Grapejuice101
Brie is a huge fan of The Phantom of the Opera,and when she falls through a mirror, she wakes up and finds out she's in the movie, she's Christine's sister, and her life...
Angel [ The Phantom of the Opera ] DISCONTINUED by daughterofdreaming
Angel [ The Phantom of the Opera ] ~𝙰𝙻𝙻𝙸𝙴~
Allie Daáe, younger sister to Christine Daáe, is a young girl who lives with her sister and friends in the Opera Populaire. Since she was a small child and had just arri...
An Angel Book 2 [kenma X reader] by blackpanthom08
An Angel Book 2 [kenma X reader]by Nyanko! 🐱
"I thought it's for the best but because I'm a coward" Note: I do not owned Haikyuu or any of the characters mention. I do not owned the used photos and songs...
In The Shadow of a Melody by Aquariusavior_25
In The Shadow of a Melodyby Lara_125
Kaylee was an average Puerto Rican girl who had just finished college to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. But her world turns upside down when she falls through a...
The Devil is My Roommate by CaylahWest
The Devil is My Roommateby Caylah West
Megan moved to California with big plans and big dreams, but nothing goes quite her way. After running into Louis, the town playboy, she's got no choice but to take him...
Seal My Fate•Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction by -Ange-de-la-Musique-
Seal My Fate•Phantom of the Luna
*OLD STORY* As a writer, Emma knows better than anyone that characters exist to suffer. Her motto has always been "Help the plot, hurt the characters." That ch...
The Time Traveling Adventure  by ThePhantom842
The Time Traveling Adventure by Kristina
What if you could go back in time or to the future? That is what Claudia and her friends do. They meet people they thought they would never meet! But, once you know some...
I've Always Been Here by Detective_Sociopath
I've Always Been Hereby DaniGirl
This is my first story writing on my phone so you'll have to excuse my spelling errors. This is a Phantom of the Opera x oc. There was young girl who was studying to ba...
Someone You Loved | Christine x Erik One-shots by Phantomsmask
Someone You Loved | Christine x christine
-Hi! -like the title says this is a one-shot book! I don't usually write smut. but I might take requests for other things! I'm thinking there are also gonna be some AUs...
ejen ali (mentors x reader) One Shot by AllisonNatalie13
ejen ali (mentors x reader) One Anajoyprincess Mcalapatia
🌸*This will be my first book it's my first time writing in this app so please don't hate me if my spelling is wrong anyway I hope you enjoy it love you all the time bye...
You Are Not Alone by BrendaDaaeDestler
You Are Not Aloneby BrendaDaaeDestler
Erik Destler, heartbroken from losing his Angel of Music, now must care for his ten-year-old son, Gustave, while coping with his grief. But when he meets a relative of t...
Let The Dream Descend by point_of_no_return
Let The Dream Descendby point_of_no_return
Erik Destler has led an extravagant life of solitude in the cellars of the Opera House, until one day he finds a voice. Her voice. Christine Daae was promised at a youn...
Angel Of Music (PhanFiction) by RaddyMaddy
Angel Of Music (PhanFiction)by RaddyMaddy
Erik is all alone. After the Opera house burst into flames, Erik is homeless and lonely again now that he lost his angel, his most valuable treasure, Christine who flees...
Angels of Song & Ice by tinseltownqueen
Angels of Song & Iceby Monica Bee
The Opera Ghost has lost everything: his music, The Opera Populaire, and most importantly, Christine Daae. The former Phantom of the Opera uses a secret passage to escap...
I am a Slave for Her Music but an Angel to His.....(If He Only Knew) by gymnasiana7
I am a Slave for Her Music but gymnasiana7
How did Christine Daee's voice become so good or was it her voice from the beginning? What if she could never sing from the beginning? Then who's voice does the Phantom...