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Our Omega(Zianourry) by shrutimishra500
Our Omega(Zianourry)by shrutimishra500
Harry Styles was not used to be loved. Kicked out of the house for being gay, he lived on the streets for months. He's an omega and have some secrets he hide deep inside...
Midnight 🐺 by personal09z
Midnight 🐺by Jackie 💛💚
"You are mine," 7 year old Zayn tells 5 year old Harry. "Don't touch me," Harry said. He then somehow gets out of Zayn's hug and runs. "I will g...
Moonlight Meadows [Zarry]  by samanthaammy
Moonlight Meadows [Zarry] by sam
Zayn Malik, an alpha werewolf, never in his wildest dreams imagined that a human would be his mate. And that human was the charming uni student Harry Styles, who slowly...
The White Wolf (Zianourry) by Female623
The White Wolf (Zianourry)by Femi
"When the sun goes down, Darkness overtook the world, Born the soul of kindness, To conquer over the evilness, The path is obscure and thorny, Maze is difficult to...
The past is the past ~~ ( styles triplets x Louis)  by Emma_575
The past is the past ~~ ( styles LarryForever
Louis and his family moves to a new pack for a new beginning but what happens when he meets the pack leaders- Marcel, Harry and Edward Boyxboy Alpha!Harry Alpha!Marcel A...
Dangerous Illusion by Alexa_tstyles
Dangerous Illusionby Alexa_Styles
"You killed four alphas, including two guards." The alpha spoke for the first time his voice filled with authority. "Yes I did, they were stupid and weak...
Where's the boy with the Chemicals by swaggmasterlouis
Where's the boy with the Chemicalsby swaggmasterlouis
"It's unbecoming of a male of the Tomlinson family to be brought up as an omega." His mum says at least, still not looking at him. He can feel Mark's gaze upon...
Does It Ever Drive You Crazy?(styles triplets x Louis)**ON HOLD** by Larry-Is-So-Real
Does It Ever Drive You Crazy?( Larry💞
Louis is a small omega living with his best friend,Alpha Liam, in a small apartment.The Styles triplets are well known alphas, Edward being the CEO of Styles co., Harry...
Our little omega (rewritten) by Jojob07
Our little omega (rewritten)by JB :)
Louis an omega was walking home when a random alpha tried to take advantage of him; luckily Harry, Edward, and Marcel show up to save him. Little did they know Louis was...
You Belong With Us by flightless-angel
You Belong With Usby flightless-angel
Louis Tomlinson is known as the funny, loud, and boisterous partyboy beta of One Direction. But what if the titles explain nothing to how he truly feels inside? What if...
Bought And Sold /zarry /Hybrid/Omegaverse by skillaudontknow
Bought And Sold /zarry /Hybrid/ skillaudontknow
When Zayn makes his weekly routine to a hybrid agency to calm his nerves but wound up with something he didn't expect or someone.
Am I Enough (Louis Centric) by FluffedUpLouis
Am I Enough (Louis Centric)by FluffedUpLouis
A shy omega enters a new territory and runs into 4 alphas. What happens to Louis? Do the alphas let him join the pack or does he have to keep running? (Currently being r...
Little white lies by 5sos_2021
Little white liesby A.J
When Louis lies about his status, saying he's a beta where he is actually an omega Alphas; Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn But what will happen if the alphas find out about his...
Loneliness for Love[styles tripletsxlouis] by swaggmasterlouis
Loneliness for Love[styles swaggmasterlouis
Louis was a small omega but his personality was anything but. He was the captain of the cheer team and certainly wasn't looking for an alpha. Much less three. The Styles...
When You Chose One You Lose One by gillkid6
When You Chose One You Lose Oneby gillkid6
Liam was tired of all of the lads favoring Niall over him. They did it before Niall got pregnant and it only got worse when NIall got pregnant. But none of the lads knew...
Mending the Omega by larry_0531
Mending the Omegaby larry_0531
Louis Tomlinson. A male omega. A runaway and packless. A high school dropout. Homeless. Harry Styles. A male alpha. Pack alpha/leader. A college graduate. Filthy Rich. ...
Bandito (Louis + The Styles Twins) by LizabethGemberling
Bandito (Louis + The Styles Twins)by Lizzy
A virus has spread throughout the world, causing most of society to become brain-dead, except for the appetite for human flesh. With the world torn to ruins there was a...
First and four-most by crew_six
First and four-mostby crew_six
Harry finds himself overwhelmed way more often then he should at the young age of 16. As much as he loves the spotlight and being an idol sometimes he needs to relinquis...
The Run and Go⚣Zouis AU by CockyLilo
The Run and Go⚣Zouis AUby Pete Wentz Trash™️
*On Hiatus until further notice* "When bad things keep happening to good people, you start to question what is right and what is wrong." Louis is an Omega on...
Babysitters  by ravenWholeheart
Babysitters by ravenWholeheart
Niall is all alone ever since one alpha of his got kidnapped, and now the other is barley home. He needs comfort. He suggests ageplay to help, but instead of ageplaying...