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I'll protect you (klance omegaverse) by bakugoubitch
I'll protect you (klance bakugoubitch
Klance omega verse high school AU Keith is a troubled omega at a new school Lance is a lonely Alpha wanting someone to love what happens when Lance take an interest in t...
Over-Protective klance Omegaverse DISCONTINUED by Buisketts_Queen
Over-Protective klance Art_Nugget
Just a short story I wrote if you want me to continue I will
Dance for Me by Klance_Trash25
Dance for Meby Klance Trash
Keith loves to dance. He has ever since he was little. There was no stopping him, even if he was an Omega. It was the one thing that kept him happy. The one thing that a...
Something For The Both Of Us   Klance Hybrid Omegaverse (Paused) by Bloodsm22891
Something For The Both Of Us Iradashi
Keith is an omega bunny hybrid who runs away from his farm, only to start his heat and get stuck out in the middle of a snow storm. Lance, an alpha wolf hybrid, finds th...
Red and Blue make Purple? by Xxklance
Red and Blue make Purple?by Aqqcllo
This is an omegaverse version of the normal voltron, and yes I will be changing their ages to a few years later so they will have changed in attitude and maybe a little...
Klance (In the stars) by _Jay_son_lol
Klance (In the stars)by _Jay_son_lol
I realized i didnt have a klance au! like?? what?? Anyway- this a a smutty AU thats going to be very romantic!! not every chapter will be smut and im going to put a fair...
Klance Omegaverse by CrazedCartoonist
Klance Omegaverseby crazed cartoonist
All characters belong to Dreamworks, I just ship it and wanted to write a story about them THE ART IN THE COVER IS NOT MINE Welcome to my own little take on the omegaver...
Burning Love by SeriouslyStressed
Burning Loveby Bye_Biatch
Omegas are considered weak, dainty creatures that should care for family at home, not work. It was a miracle that Keith had even made it into college. Keith was incredi...
Accidental Omega- Shance Omegaverse by Klatte4life
Accidental Omega- Shance Omegaverseby Vanessa bunny (Vanny)
Everyone thought Lance would be the omega over Shiro. But strangely he was the alpha. Shiro didn't always like being pinned as an omega, He much perffered being called a...
Lemon boy [klance mpreg] by CrazyFangirl2007
Lemon boy [klance mpreg]by ToxicWaste
"Well, I guess they were just unexpected." -Keith Kogane === Keith wasn't a stereotypical omega and he was fine with that. He lived with his older brot...
Voltron one shots by majestic_afpenguin
Voltron one shotsby Majesticafpenguin
Just a collection of random voltron stuff. Some of its shippy, some isn't. I only read through these once so there's gonna be a lot of errors, and I apologize in advance...
Omegaverse Klance by tinyorangeshair
Omegaverse Klanceby 🍊
As the title says - probably random updates - I don't own any of these characters Keith hides that he is an omega from the team - until he runs out of suppressants and f...
why not by b3achimmacow
why notby b3achimmacow
When Keith and his parents found out Keith is an omega they were determined to put him on scent and heat suppressers that is until his third year of high school rolls ar...
Dirty lovers (Dirty Laundry continued) by DipperBillMLPB
Dirty lovers (Dirty Laundry DrúGs-r-bÂd
Dirty Laundry became increasingly popular over a few weeks, but what happens after? Well lists of things, are they all happy things, or could this happy story end sadly...
My Alpha [klance omegavers  by firefoxstarice
My Alpha [klance omegavers by firefox starice
What happens when Lance has to move out with his brother to another house. And what if he sees someone he thought he would never see again. Will he be happy?and can he...
klance the alpha and omega by itsthephase
klance the alpha and omegaby
this is about a omega ( keith) and alpha ( lance ) keith A hated omega of the galra pack. parentless from the age ten. His life is terrible. Lance Loved future alpha of...
Be My Mate (Klance Omegaverse) by tay_backup22
Be My Mate (Klance Omegaverse)by tay_backup22
⚠️REPUBLISHED! YES THIS IS THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR! So I can't get back into my account and it's a little upsetting because I had so many views on that and such. But I'll wo...