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The Pressure of Perfection by aredable
The Pressure of Perfectionby Ginger Graham
Perfection. Such a simple word. With such a simple meaning. Unless you're Nova Garrison. Then perfection means everything. Perfection means your life, your family, you...
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My "Floozy" mate by AntheiaW
My "Floozy" mateby Antheia Wanga
Eros find his mate when he comes back from the training camp and enrolled back in school to finish his senior year. A few people hints to him that his mate has been a f...
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In The Winter by RedbirdSpirit
In The Winterby RedbirdSpirit
I really don't know what to write but I hope you like it.
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Fatal by YellowSorbet
Fatalby Yellow
Her wolf is dead. Or so she thinks. He's not going to stop till he fixes it.
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I Stalked A Psychopath (Complete) by TaniaShava
I Stalked A Psychopath (Complete)by Tania
Alissa is 21 years old when she sees a guy who she develops a crush on, Aron. She stalks him without knowing that he is a psychopath, When she realizes how dangerous Aro...
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Meeting My Abductor Again: Book Two( Complete) by TaniaShava
Meeting My Abductor Again: Book Tania
He wanted to explain. She wanted blood. He loved her. She loathed him. Can he have her back? Can she kill him? This is a sequel, I highly recommend the first book so you...
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His Curse [Alpha] by BabyInACorner
His Curse [Alpha]by Natalie
Valeria Medina is cursed to love and die. At night she dreams of a boy... who exists as the Alpha's son of the violent Shadow Pack. What is their connection? Can they...
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Dangerous In Black (four) by hals20t
Dangerous In Black (four)by t🦴
Alejandro Martini has always been in charge of the business side of things; handling the deals and the money with poise and grace, he knows how to get things done. Now...
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Loving the unlovable by TrickyAbi
Loving the unlovableby TrickyAbi
Elizabeth is a 17-year-old high school girl that just moved to a new school. She now lives with her grandparents due to her cold-hearted and absent parents. She's never...
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Her Alpha by tiyaread34
Her Alphaby rebecca
Whill he change for her? Whil she except him?
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Rose II {Update every WEEKDAY} by bjorghalla
Rose II {Update every WEEKDAY}by Bjorg Halla
BOOK 2 DOES NOT STAND ALONE! MUST READ THE FIRST ONE!!! Seven months after being betrayed not only by her mother but also by the one she had fallen in love with Rose Ace...
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Royal Games /Norenmin/ by Seasony03
Royal Games /Norenmin/by Little_lion
All the heirs of the kingdoms around the World, gathered. They struggle to gain the supreme power. To achieve this, they need to prove worthy of it and that they are the...
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Mate. Mine. by LadyTrexis
Mate. Cecy
Black Devil, a notorious werewolf pack famous for the most powerful warriors in Europe. And the story doesn't end here. Folks whispered that they had descended directly...
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Bloody Rose  by haruyamanaka
Bloody Rose by Reema Chowdhury
In the world of supernatural nothing is easy,just like nothing is easy in the human world. There is love,compassion,hardwork,betrayel,kindness,cheating,jealousy and ever...
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Alpha Eron by ecxplict
Alpha Eronby it's me
I frown. "So you didn't want to kiss me, then?" Whoa there, why do you sound so desperate? "You wanted a kiss?" he smirked. "I didn't see you as...
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Luna  by tacos_and_ballet
Luna by anam
What could go wrong at a meeting, or that was what Clemmie thought. She had everything that she had dreamed of; freedom from the old ways, a respectful position that sh...
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The Pack Whore by HeyThere_Delilah
The Pack Whoreby Delilah
In which the Alpha can smell the Beta all over his mate.
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hurt somebody | teen wolf by babybluewritings
hurt somebody | teen wolfby - Amy
"Cause it hurts when you hurt somebody" Season 1 - Season 6 [ oc x Derek Hale ]
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Alpha Tristan by papersplanes
Alpha Tristanby jamilah
He was a beast. Composed of nothing but sheer brutality, masculinity and power. A mate was the last thing on his mind. . . until he laid his eyes on her. [ influenced b...
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The Storm by friendlyreader_12
The Stormby Jada Reese
Kathy Mitchell encounters the most devastating events in her whole life. Follow her journey to see what happens next.
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