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Fangs of Fate~ alpha/omega/betta grp by CallMeBirdie
Fangs of Fate~ alpha/omega/betta 🌼Birdie🌼
Alpha, omega, betta roleplay. Group roleplay.
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Cimmerian War by kstow28
Cimmerian Warby Kaitlyn T. Stow
An ancient evil is coming, and Peony can do nothing to prevent it. Deadly attacks from an unknown enemy, The Cimmerian, rein havoc across the once placid lands, and Peo...
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Yours Truly by poppyharlow567
Yours Trulyby Poppy Harlow
Bartholomew was your average typical 17 year old with crystal blue orbs and a messy bun who was adopted by one direction after CPS found her mom snorting a pound of coca...
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Stupid Alpha K.NJ by parkmyassonjimin
Stupid Alpha K.NJby parkmyassonjimin
"I don't like disobedient omegas" I glare back at him and say "and I don't like stupid, self centered, bitchy alphas a guess we're both not getting what w...
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The Calling To The Moon by warewolf-in-the-m00n
The Calling To The Moonby warewolf-in-the-m00n
6 year old Ella is a very adventurous werewolf and a young one at that, only turning at 16! Her father is the Alpha and her mother is the Luna! When will she meet her ma...
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Rejected By My Brother Best friend by rihanna0130
Rejected By My Brother Best friendby rihanna0130
Jasmine Lawson, a nobody at Rosewell High School is the mate for Eric Chase the school's play and also the Alpha for the Sliver Reflexion pack. On Eric's birthday when...
Luna by sidnick22
Lunaby sidnick22
She's the head of the pack. He is not. She is the one that said she never wanted a mate. He's always wanted a mate and pups of his own. How could two totally opposite pe...
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Gay Fantasy Smut Oneshots by maybethisisgay
Gay Fantasy Smut Oneshotsby Oliver Ryan
Fantasy gay smut. Will include demons, tentacles, vampires, omegaverse, and angels most likely. Possible trigger warning due to the possibility of incest, bdsm, mild vio...
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Alpha Rio Queen of Fire by CinnamonStix17
Alpha Rio Queen of Fireby CinnamonStix17
This book is not like the first in the series. This book is dark, and twisted in its own beautiful way. The romance is just the same. I have never been afraid of fire...
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Idol (a min Yoongi story)  by nightheart97
Idol (a min Yoongi story) by Taran Leigh Raines
Ash Coombs is a pretty popular singer and artist. With her beta manager/ best friend along with her fast growing career she feels like the luckiest girl alive. What happ...
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Mikhail ✓ by Ho_Lee_Fuc
Mikhail ✓by —
[COMPLETED] "tell the wolves I'm home." • A girl, lost and pained, seeking freedom. A king, forgotten and betrayed, seeking redemption. A war fixed on both pat...
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My Billionaire Boss by sarahwest57
My Billionaire Bossby Sarah West
Matthew Burns is a hot-shot CEO who doesn't take no for an answer. He's tough on his competitors and his employees. This, combined with his good looks, spells trouble fo...
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Problems✔️ by iamahatlover
Problems✔️by iamahatlover
"I love you," I said stepping closer towards him, resting my palm against his cheek for a few seconds before I dropped my hand and took a step back,"but w...
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(F)Seeking Alpha(M) by KDivah
(F)Seeking Alpha(M)by Kathy Divah
17-year-old Opal Brightpaw is off to shifter summer camp for her third and final year. Her goal: save her pack by finding an alpha male to be her mate. And she knows ex...
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Whine Queen (A Rant Book) by swag_gerism
Whine Queen (A Rant Book)by 𝓂𝒾𝓂𝒾
❝ I SAY let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea. ❞ -- Fyodor Dostoevsky Who's that? Um, some author guy. 【◆】 I am a queen when it comes to complaining...
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Souls Entwined by ApplesAndPeaches569
Souls Entwinedby Rebecca Reisima
Sequel to Soul Lines (please read that first) Elliot Clarke can't get over the ordeal which shook her world to pieces. Though a year has passed, she finds herself clingi...
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Crumble by Aria_Blossom
Crumbleby Aria_Blossom
Alpha Elijah has spent 30 years of his life looking for his mate. He did everything right- becoming a respectable alpha and traveling to packs all over the world to fin...
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