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Lola's Birthday Wish by PaulFerancik
Lola's Birthday Wishby Tennebras
After a miserable seventh birthday party, Lola Loud makes a wish but gets way more than she bargained for.
Notre Chanson by ValerieAnireto
Notre Chansonby Valerie!?
"What if love was only a shower away?" ~~~~~ Meet Éternité Wilkins. Ind...
Cindersoot by feedthewriter
Cindersootby Ceinwen Langley
Ella has grown up in poverty, though her fortunes look set to change when her father inherits a country estate and a title. But the gift proves to be a curse as Ella's f...
James Arthur | Is this love? (complete!) by yourdaylight
James Arthur | Is this love? ( sky
When James unexpectedly sees a beautiful girl outside one of his concerts, he doesnt hold back to get to know her. Could this really be the girl of his dreams? thank you...
Written in the stars by icecreamcookie__
Written in the starsby icecreamcookie__
Affluence #1 Aurora Maeve Everheart. She has everything one can desire for. Famous billionaire parents, a loving twin brother, stunning looks that have made her a big n...
Montero Pass by J0hnDav1d
Montero Passby John David
A family's alpine holiday turns deadly after a series of mysterious mishaps in a small moutain town. Trouble escalates when the daughter leads her Dad and brother off-pi...
Redemption: Purrsia by JennaFennix
Redemption: Purrsiaby JennaFennix
The best friend squad set out on their quest to restore magic to the universe which puts them on a collision course with the remnants of the horde and a mystery individu...
PAVIN SQUAD by akawiire0927
PAVIN SQUADby Hannah Mariella
Piper and Gavin broke up have started separate lives. Will they get back together? Read this FanFiction to see. By the way, this is my story from my old account. I had t...
Avilien: Tutorial islands by DPTighe
Avilien: Tutorial islandsby Daniel Tighe
Avilien's patch going live threw humanity into chaos. Every person, young and old transported into the digital world. Luke, Nebs, and Quinn find themselves far from any...
Fairy Tales by missrose25
Fairy Talesby missrose25
You are never too old for a good fairytale. Take a look at my take on a selection of old and new fairytales.
Open Book by HSAzora5
Open Bookby Azora
It is named "Open Book" because I was that type of soul that is chained, dirty, reserved and having a locked-personality. But all I cannot speak openly to othe...
[+] The Cross-Roads [+] by Coco-chan-UwU
[+] The Cross-Roads [+]by ♡
"Hey..You. Envision a place with...Superheroes and villains. Like, a lot of them. If you're thinking Marvel, snap out of it. The place is an island. And it's kind o...
This story is about a famous and rich millionaire living in England getting robbed by teenage girl and at the end they get to know the shocking truth
Saltwater by feedthewriter
Saltwaterby Ceinwen Langley
Deep beneath the waves lives Nameless, a lonely mermaid content to watch and protect the humans who take to the sea from afar. That is, until she sees a beautiful man wi...
Writing Prompts by Kayastarcrafter
Writing Promptsby Kayastarcrafter
Random ideas that I had for stories that are in no order and anyone can use. So... enjoy!
SLYTHERIN QUEEN (draco malfoy/ron weasley fanfic) by itsyagirlhaha
SLYTHERIN QUEEN (draco malfoy/ harry potter obsessed
"He hurt you, Draco...and its ok to cry about it. Expressing your feelings doesn't make you weak---it makes you vulnerable...but that's how we heal," Eve's sof...
Russame - Drunk confession by FrancineGo4
Russame - Drunk confessionby ✨MysticLfrany✨
This is cuss free bc I want this to be for all audiences! But like, theres vodka involved so.. EH-
Would You Rather! (Furry Edition!) by Lava-Lites
Would You Rather! (Furry Edition!)by Gay Disaster
A child friendly book filled with furry related would you rather questions!
Questions I Have For Other Authors by Kayastarcrafter
Questions I Have For Other Authorsby Kayastarcrafter
Just questions I have about books Also, feel free to add other questions to ask in the comments, I'll add them in somewhere for people to answer.