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The Soldier in the Dragon [AldosWorld x KazzyOfficial x Reader] by livealil
The Soldier in the Dragon [ 0 to brokencyde
[I made this before all of that crap was going on btw] so, this book is going to be kind of cheesy and is probably the first fanfiction on the internet of aldo and kazz...
Help me..(Moe Sargi X Reader by Chloe___Hatter
Help me..(Moe Sargi X Readerby Chloe Stilinski
(Y/N) is a YouTuber who doesn't get paid much from YouTube when she does tho she pays for food or rent. Well she gets a email from YouTube telling her she is invited to...
Moe Sargi w/ You! by FliTheFabLlamacorn
Moe Sargi w/ You!by pISSoFFgHOST
Ok so first off, if Moe sees this or if anybody tells him, I'm gonna die of happiness. Second off, this is basically just the videos Moe made, just with you in it. I don...
Si X Sophia by YoutuberShipper
Si X Sophiaby BananaYouTuberShipper00
Warning: This is weird and gay. ( And has some "Bisexual" stuff ) There will be some mature language and fluff. Maaaaaaybe a little bit of smut.
'Till Death Do Us Part by Charlie_E_83
'Till Death Do Us Partby Charlie
This is a story about two lovers. Their secret? They are the worst super-villains of their region. Well- I guess I wouldn't say it's a "secret." They are very...
Hangout by The_insecure
Hangoutby The_insecure
Sorry for the pic cuse the frame is small and i also add myself to this story cuz im freaking duck boredand btw in real life i dont have a husband im only 16