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The Lawyer and The Writer  (Completed) by Biocasilva
The Lawyer and The Writer ( Biocasilva
Kate it's a lawyer and have 24 years old and Rick it's a writer and have 25 years old. Johanna it's alive and it's the boss lawyer. Jim, Johanna and Kate works in the sa...
Finding home by LololovaX
Finding homeby LololovaX
Kate Beckett has been a fan of criminovelist Richard Castle ever since the first book, but when she starts researching about becoming a foster mother she gets shocked to...
Castle Oneshots. by VictoriaCrocker
Castle Vickie
This Is a book filled with Castle one-shots. I have a huge obsession with the show and am rewatching it for the third time already. If you are interested in reading sto...
The Life of K-Becks by CastleEsplainKate
The Life of K-Becksby Star
Katherine Beckett is a NYPD Homicide Detective that meets a Mystery Crime writer Richard Castle and then they depart. After years they meet again. Read the story and go...
Castle One Shots by Sofie1402
Castle One Shotsby Sofie1402
Series of one shots of the Castle characters. Mainly side characters (there's too many Caskett stories already-but that doesn't mean I won't write about them). Angst, fl...
What is the meaning of True love? by KittyKat3715
What is the meaning of True love?by Caskett4ever07
Little Alexis Castle asks her family members and friends what they think the true meaning of love is to them. But Alexis has rules for her questioning. 1) describe what...
Broken: A Castle Story by Castlescoffee
Broken: A Castle Storyby Castlescoffee
3 years after the divorce of Rick and Kate. Kate has finally started to get over Rick, though she know she will always miss him. When a murder near his apartment occurs...
Last time by writerandhismuse1
Last timeby writerandhismuse1
She never tought that morning would be their last... It didn't even cross her mind that she might lose him forever. She tought they have all time in the world ahead of t...
Big Sister, Babysitter ON HOLD by LeAnnxMichelle
Big Sister, Babysitter ON HOLDby LeAnn
Lily is left in charge of Jake and Reece for one night while Kate, Rick, Lanie, Javi, Kevin and Jenny go out to dinner. She thought she could do it until twins turn into...
Lost and found by ohkatebeckett
Lost and foundby ohkatebeckett
Kate is learning to cope with her mothers death, but when she discovers a little girl under a clothing rail she finds happiness for the first time since. Will the little...
Friends For Now ON HOLD by LeAnnxMichelle
Friends For Now ON HOLDby LeAnn
Ariana Beckett is in pre-k. And her mom, Kate Beckett, just so happens to be her teacher. On the other side of the school building, Alexis Castle attends the sixth grade...
Fate by everythingaddison
Fateby vauseman-addek
Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are happily living in NY. Then, Kate discovers she's pregnant... A twisted tale of love, loss, romance, betrayal and loyalty.
Brick By Brick (Sequel) by brokendaydreams
Brick By Brick (Sequel)by brokendaydreams
*Sequel to Breaking Down Walls: A Castle Fanfic* After all her chaos dies down, Ren becomes a forensic sketch artist and crime scene analyst for the 12th Precinct. When...
incorrect caskett/castle quotes🖊 by carlyw5638
incorrect caskett/castle quotes🖊by carly
hi! i will be putting in incorrect caskett and castle quotes everyday! feel free to give suggestions! (i do not own these characters they're abc's!)
Love Hurts, Right?  by AKShipper
Love Hurts, Right? by AKShipper
"He's in the breakroom again, isn't he?" She asked. "Yep, been in there for over 2 hours." Replied Beckett, concern lacing her voice.
Plots by blackbirdjeid
Plotsby Jennifer
Just some plots that I do not have time to write or do not want to write but would love for others to write. Feel free to comment and link me to the story when you post...
Beckett, The Babysitter. (On Hold) by Princessdaii__
Beckett, The Babysitter. (On Hold)by PrincessDai
This is a story about 2 fictional characters from the television show, Castle. The basic plot of this story will be about Kate ending up babysitting for Rick, Alexis wil...
Vera - Castle Next Generation by CastleObsession67
Vera - Castle Next Generationby IloveCastle67
I'll give a full description once I'm done but here are the basics: ------------------------------------------------------------- Me - Rick and Kate Castle's daughter. T...
I'm home again by morrisonsflwr
I'm home againby M✨
Kate and Rick known eachother for years, but Rick needs to move to England. Kate is totally broken, losing him wasn't what she had expected. She finds out she's pregnant...
Daughter of Poseidon: Drowning in Dread by Psyche_Castle
Daughter of Poseidon: Drowning Psyche Castle
"Peter Johnson" and "Anne Bell Cass" go to the 12th Precinct to help solve the murder of their cousin. Meeting a demi-god along the way, solving this...