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total drama all stars 2.0 by ultracortez
total drama all stars 2.0by ultracortez
Chris Mclean is back with a new season. Total drama All Stars 2.0 is filled with heart-warming, funny and crazy moments. What will the campers think? Find out by reading...
Fright of their Lives by courtneyscharm
Fright of their Livesby 05/28/99 ❤️
Class of 2020 at Wawanakwa High School was super excited to get a week off of school. When their principal announces a camping trip for only the seniors. The teens are a...
Total drama group chat  by bLuEzZs
Total drama group chat by bLuEzZs
Exactly what the title is :) This contains couples as : aleheather , Duncany , noco , gidgette , Gwent , ozzy , lyler , leharold and Sierra just being obsessed with Cod...
Wawanakwa Plane Crash by fellaway
Wawanakwa Plane Crashby fellaway
Wawanakwa did not sink in this story. Total Drama is long over. Wawanakwa has grown over and is no longer used for anything. When a small plane crashes, only few surv...
Total Drama: Supernatural (HIATUS) by CartoonAlcoholic
Total Drama: Supernatural (HIATUS)by Tianna CA
It was another season of Total Drama. Chris thought that it would be interesting if competitors had the abilities to do crazy stuff. And by the title, you would already...
Total Drama Messages by hahahalongnametingz
Total Drama Messagesby Steph
Inspired by @txtal_drama Just a bunch of texts between the cast of TDI (plus Alejandro and Sierra of course).
Total Drama Reunion Exposed by a_weirdo023
Total Drama Reunion Exposedby Hi Luvs <3
The Total Drama Island cast reunites after many years, and secrets are let out... (BTW, the whole story is told in Courtney's perspective) DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN TOTAL...
TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND WARSby namjoons blue hair
Welcome Back to another season of Total drama! This season brings more drama, more secrets, and more relationships!! Find out what happens this season on Total Drama Isl...
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Total Drama Rewritten by MiraculousTD
Total Drama Rewrittenby Cody's Girlfriend
*ON HOLD* In which I rewrite all of the All Stars season to make it actually good.
Total Drama Texting by txtal_drama
Total Drama Textingby txtal_drama
What happens when the total drama cast has a group chat? Will the drama just keep coming and coming?
city lights by datsonperiodt
city lightsby periodt
Courtney went to college across the country to get away from her parents. Duncan has always lived in NYC and happens to meet an uptight small-town girl at college.
Duncney One Shot by southBBY
Duncney One Shotby Hot gurl
Book of a one shots. About our favorite opposite couple Duncney COMPLETE👌💯
Total Drama All Stars Edition 2  by lilah505
Total Drama All Stars Edition 2 by lilah505
Total drama got renewed for another season! So why not make another all stars season? 48 ex contests all competed for $5,000,000, it will be another heroes vs villains...
My views on Total Drama couples by Ebony_Rue17
My views on Total Drama couplesby Kim
These are just my views and opinions on couples/pairs/ships from the total drama series (not every single couple, just the ones that I think are important)
Total Drama 2.0 by straight_up_geek_
Total Drama 2.0by ✨Emma✨
This is the second addition to my infamous "Total Drama" book!💜
Leave The Light On by totaldrama_freak
Leave The Light Onby hmmmm
When you go, leave the light on for me. I can't stand another minute waiting in the dark.
Total Drama Group Chats  by straight_up_geek_
Total Drama Group Chats by ✨Emma✨
I don't care about originality anymore so stfu about bUt EvErYoNe ElSe Is AlReAdY dOiNg ThIs
Total Instagram by MissySweetheart
Total Instagramby eຕıly
Heather and Courtney are the Queens of Total Drama High. Alejandro and Duncan are the Kings of Total Drama High. Love, friendships, betrayals and a lot of drama ! Follo...
Total Drama Memes by glowworm888
Total Drama Memesby Gabbi The Glowworm
You need these. You're welcome.
It's season 8 of Total Drama, and we're back with 13 contestants (and maybe even more)! Lots and lots of Duncney, Aleheather, Gwent, and MORE *written in script fo...