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The Evillious Chronicles: Incorrect Quotes by elsaisawesome12
The Evillious Chronicles: Incorrec...by Bookish_Theatre_Nerd_26
What do you get when a tired, depressed wattpad author with a bad case of writer's block and a lack of motivation listens to The Evillious Chronicles all day? This. Rat...
Gravity Falls Evillious Chronicles by SeikoKishinuma15
Gravity Falls Evillious Chroniclesby SexyEzekielTDI
My songs that I wrote to tell certain parts of the story of "The Evillious Chronicles", which was originally done by MOTHY or Akuno-P, using Gravity Falls Char...
My (Random) Fanart by elsaisawesome12
My (Random) Fanartby Bookish_Theatre_Nerd_26
Hey guys! Just a compilation of some fanart I've been working on (some are better than others). So here's how this works: the art will be sorted by category, so there wi...
The Evillious Chronicles by Rose_Mariano
The Evillious Chroniclesby Rose
The lyrics to all of the songs in the Evillious Chronicles, the complex Vocaloid song series of Akuno-P
The Evillious Chronicles Explained by AngiePlaysYT
The Evillious Chronicles Explainedby AnimeTrash™️
This is a publishing of a google docs that I saw, and decided to upload in order to inform some EC fans. So this is not *my* work, i simply published it on wattpad!
Ác chi nương: Hoàng sắc chung yên khúc - Lục sắc diêu lam khúc by ViLe2006
Ác chi nương: Hoàng sắc chung y...by Ruki
Link của hai cuốn tiểu thuyết "Hoàng sắc chung yên khúc" và "Lục sắc diêu lam khúc" mình để trong này. Mình ko muốn thất lễ với nh...
La hija del mal: "Cancion de cuna verde" by Amoxtli-Nekomura4
La hija del mal: "Cancion de cuna...by Amoxtli Nekomura
Trabajo Original: Mothy (Akuno-P) Ilustraciones: Ichika, Yunomi, suzunosuke, yoshida Publicación y Distribución: PHP Traducción: Plmqny5454 Región de Evillious, Reino de...
Moonlit Bear by KagaMiku012
Moonlit Bearby Ten
The story is about a woman, Eve Moonlit, who, while walking in the forest finds 2 fruits, presumably apples, and decides to pick them up and take them back to her home...
Original Sin Story by dolphinlover2
Original Sin Storyby Dragneel D. Aria
This is based on the real Original Sin Story in Vocaloid. It has a little bit of comparison to the Christian original sin. Anyways if you don't know this, you might as w...
Abandoned on a Moonlit Night by KagaMiku012
Abandoned on a Moonlit Nightby Ten
It tells the story of Hansel and Gretel, the two children who were kidnapped by Eve Moonlit in Moonlit Bear.