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Ladybug | (Adrien Agreste x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Ladybug | (Adrien Agreste x Reader)by Weird
You never liked being around people. Just inches or one feet from you made you shiver or almost cry. Treated differently almost all your life, it wasn't exactly your fau...
Miraculous tale: Ladydark by Sadiesia
Miraculous tale: Ladydarkby Sarah Emily White
Lila came up with another lie driving every friend Marinette had. Only three people in Paris believed her and tried to help her, Adrian, Chat Noir and Chloe. After month...
Miraculous Ladybug AU- Soulmates by Miraculous_LJ
Miraculous Ladybug AU- Soulmatesby L&J
When everyone turns 17, they get a set of initials or an initial somewhere on their body that links them to their soulmate - the person who is their other half. Marinet...
Stray ~ A MariChat Love Story (Complete) by lilymagix
Stray ~ A MariChat Love Story (Com...by lilymagix
"I just don't understand, Chat. I thought...all this time...," she clenched her fists at her sides and stared up at him, "What changed?" Chat Noir st...
Miraculous: Tales of Leopardess, Ladybug & Cat Noir Book 2 by Sukura41
Miraculous: Tales of Leopardess, L...by Mira Williams
Kalianna De-Sinclair is back! And she's ready to balance the hardships and challenges of being a superhero and a civilian! Follow her on her journey as she meets Master...
Gotham's New Girl: Ladybug's Arrival by Tacui_Ban_07
Gotham's New Girl: Ladybug's Arriv...by Ban
Marinette Dupain-Cheng abandons her life in Paris to protect her parents from Lila's lying ways. With the permission of Master Fu and her parents, she moves to Gotham wi...
Two Paths (Sequel to Why Me) by animelover123
Two Paths (Sequel to Why Me)by Jackie
Two and a half years have passed since Team 7 was torn apart. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Mariah have all studied under masters. What will happen when they're reunited a...
Miraculous: One-Shots [ON HOLD!] by chaniichan17
Miraculous: One-Shots [ON HOLD!]by chanii🌻
All of dem one-shots. Fluff? Angst? Theories? Tags? You know it, yeah Frick it, ideas are flooding out of my head and such so why not? Sorry y'all, I'm removing sin in...
stuck ❣ marichat [book 1] by its_nusa_obviously
stuck ❣ marichat [book 1]by nusa
"L-Ladybug?" his voice was trembling. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" she asked. "C-Could you meet me?" There was a silence. "Eiffel...
Love Conquers All [COMPLETED] ✔︎ by strawberry_macaroons
Love Conquers All [COMPLETED] ✔︎by lemon drops
Marinette chuckled, her eyes averting from the charm Adrien held in his hands to his emerald green piercing eyes, "I cannot believe you still carry that around.&quo...
[Miraculous Ladybug x Akumatized!Reader]: Sadness by UhhhhHello
[Miraculous Ladybug x Akumatized!R...by UhhhhHello
A story about a girl, Y/N L/N. After becoming akumatized by Hawkmoth, but having no actual goal, she becomes the greatest Akuma that Hawkmoth has ever had, as well as th...
Guardian Angel (A Naruto Fanfiction) by BrideOfTheGhostKing7
Guardian Angel (A Naruto Fanfictio...by Nana
Kurami Akuma Namikaze, the Guardian Angel. Maybe you have heard this name, one of many given to her, it wouldn't be too surprising considering who she is and what she h...
Another Guitarist (Luka x Reader) by Jade_Jackal13
Another Guitarist (Luka x Reader)by Ddaeng Ash
You had just moved to Paris from America. On your first day at your new school, five days after you moved to Paris, you fall in love again. With Luka. You hope it won't...
Gotham's New Girl: The Truth of a Liar by Tacui_Ban_07
Gotham's New Girl: The Truth of a...by Ban
[Slow Updates ATM] Marinette Dupain-Cheng was forced to leave Paris, but chose to live in Gotham for several reasons. After choosing to team up with Batman and befriendi...
Real Creator [Miraculous Ladybug x Fairy Tail] by Scarlet_Rairlight
Real Creator [Miraculous Ladybug x...by Scarlet Flaire
She owns it they didn't know She returns they are confuse She wants them back but They refuse.... Not knowing she's the creator of it
What's With Marinette? || A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir Fanfic by ShadeFaith206
What's With Marinette? || A Miracu...by ILuv2ManyFandoms
Marinette has a secret.... She hasn't told anyone..... Not even Alya.... She's skittish, meek, scared, and nervous. Her childhood up till now has been nothing but living...
Chat Got Your Tongue? | Adrien Agreste Fanfiction  by StarFox02
Chat Got Your Tongue? | Adrien Agr...by StarFox02
You have been given the opportunity of a lifetime; spend a year in France as an Exchange Student. But, the opportunity doesn't stop there- you have been asked to protect...
Miraculous AU/Salt one shots by Nightingale567892
Miraculous AU/Salt one shotsby Nightingale567892
One shots of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat noir. Requests are open! Disclaimer: I do not own Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, or any pictures uploaded.
(Completed) ENEMIES▪LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR▪ by Joraculous
(Completed) ENEMIES▪LADYBUG AND CH...by Jo Raculous
{She is a hero, He is a villan. They fight not knowing their true identity. They have a crush on each other in real life, but are enemies in their super hero forms. Will...
Ink on Skin by Mandi473828
Ink on Skinby Mandi
Miraculous soulmate au, where Marinette and Adrien are 15. If you write on your skin your soulmate will get it too. Has a little but of angst and a lot of fluff. Picture...