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Why Won't You Love Me? by ajahbaby_
Why Won't You Love Me?by Ajah Jeffanie
He loves her, she loves someone else. Adrian is the almighty alpha and is currently mateless. Nicole is unknowing to the fantasy world around her. Just as she was starti...
Weaves of the Wheel by ScribeForTheKing
Weaves of the Wheelby AdiaMarie
My story is currently being posted on my Instagram (adiamarie_scribefortheking) then transferred here! It is a Wheel of Time fanfiction/role playing for the community We...
It's Ajah, Her Life by Ladiikeiii
It's Ajah, Her Lifeby Slim
Inside her mind.
Ray Ray And De'Ajah (Love Story) by quadaja1
Ray Ray And De'Ajah (Love Story)by quadaja1
The story is about De'Ajah who just moved from Hawaii to California she moves across the street from Ray Ray READ THE REST TO FIND OUT............
Onya DobbY is g8 fun by bethlairdx
Onya DobbY is g8 funby bethlairdx
Hiya ma nam iz onya dobbsoin roogtlugh I am 13 yrs old n LIVEd in the shit wee toon dumb fires!! Featuring Befany lurd ONYA was a nic ittle gurl until 1 dai she met BE...