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Roommates, Friends, Lovers (A Destery Smith Fan-Fiction) by Mintbunnybutler
Roommates, Friends, Lovers (A Dest...by Mintbunnybutler
Meeting new roommates is a scary thing. Falling in love with one is even scarier. Moving to Florida with a tainted past, and afraid of letting go, will Destery be enough...
Just A Fangirl? (A Destery Smith Fanfic) by mindthelipstick
Just A Fangirl? (A Destery Smith F...by mindthelipstick
I grab his hand and look into those brown eyes, the ones I fell in love with the first day I met him. "I..", he quietly says, "I love you too".
Variegated (boyxboy) by SneezingTurtle
Variegated (boyxboy)by -less
{{completed}} Variegated is just the word to describe Matthews and his friends' situation in the Airship Orphanage. From the bright, warm colors of the rainbow all the w...
I'm Zelda, and You're Link! (SMUT WARNING) by kevsghost
I'm Zelda, and You're Link! (SMUT...by kevsghost
-Not a Legend of Zelda fanfiction-
My Captain: Destery( A Destery Smith Fanfic) by whatevenisphan
My Captain: Destery( A Destery Smi...by ☆。★Kieran☆。★
A Destery Smith fanfic. A girl gets pulled out of her insane life, which includes a bratty brother, drunk parents, and her obnoxious ex-boyfriend who can't take a freaki...
Room Mates {Destery Smith} by mervezw
Room Mates {Destery Smith}by Merve Z
{ Raven moves to Florida to live her dream. Not only does she live her dream but she also has awesome room mates too! }
The guys next door •A Destery and Nate fanfiction• by ZephiliaInferno
The guys next door •A Destery and...by Cap'n Abby \m/
This story is based off of two you tubers named Destery and Nate. This is my first Fanfiction on wattpad so always feel welcome to leave suggestions/constructive criti...
Never Too Late by _MissMonster
Never Too Lateby Finn Mathis
It's been about three years since Destery Smith and Rayne Carter patched their relationship up back in New York. Things have been so good for so long, but when someone c...
The one that didn't get away by 281eirameissac
The one that didn't get awayby Cassie Beltowski
Kenna looses her best friend and first love Destery when she moves to Florida when she is 13.. They haven't talked for 9 years and have almost forgotten all about one an...
My Best Friend's Girl-A Nathan Owens Love story by Rebellequinzel
My Best Friend's Girl-A Nathan Owe...by Brandi Campbell
It's so cliche right, being in love with your Best Friend's girl? That was Nathan Owen's life for the past three years. Sitting back, watching the love of his life, Nitt...
Can You Keep A Secret? by LizziRoss
Can You Keep A Secret?by Lizzi Ross
Aurora has had a hard life. She didn't have very many friends, and people outcasted her. She was shy and people didn't like her. The only people who liked her were her b...
 fanfiction of miraculous ladybug. by AbbyMcDonald7
fanfiction of miraculous ladybug.by Abby McDonald
miraculous ladybug is the best show and it's bring brought out early this year on December something I don't remember what the date was completely but yeah so just letti...
All Because of Vidcon by Maddybear24
All Because of Vidconby Madison
Izzy and maddy were just girls. I would say normal girls... but those words don't match Izzy's or Maddy's life at all! When Maddy tells Izzy that they are both going to...
Let me help by TheLoyalist18
Let me helpby TheLoyalist18
A story based on true events (some facts may not be true also in first person) Life hasn't been easy for Becca. After a chain of unfortunate events has Becca been able t...