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After you were born by hkdalton
After you were bornby hannah dalton
After everything that had happened, Tessa and Hardin finally had their perfect family and life together. Infant daughter Emery and newborn son Auden. But Tessa and Hardi...
After 4 by Samantha19988
After 4by Samantha19988
This is the continuation of the After Series by Anna Todd. Will Harry and Tessa's relationship stand the test of time? Everything she wanted from him, he finally promise...
On the down-low | HEROPHINE by _herosbaby
On the down-low | HEROPHINEby Just a happy girl💕
Herophine fanfic : Josephine and Hero have been dating since sometime during the filming of 'after'. However they are advised to keep the love between them a secret, cau...
Behind It all by Harrystylesgirlyy
Behind It allby Harrystylesgirlyy
Josephine and Hero met from working on their movie After. They both quickly caught feelings. But eventually had to go their separate ways. When they both get a call rega...
Pure Heroine | Hero Fiennes Tiffin Fanfic by born-in-1996
Pure Heroine | Hero Fiennes .
23-year-old singer Alexandria Evans is losing herself to alcohol and drugs but a green eyed ghost from the past will help her find a way back to her true self. Hero Fien...
Love at First Sight  || Herophine by xoxohessafanxoxo
Love at First Sight || Herophineby hessafanxoxo
As Josephine Langford goes to the set of Thirteen Reasons Why to meet with her sister, Katherine Langford, she see's a tall, brown haired man who she finds attractive. K...
After You've Gone (ie; After by Anna Todd) by utterlyours
After You've Gone (ie; After by utterlyours
what if, in an alternative universe, Hardin would have let Tessa walk away from him when she was about to go to Seattle? Is Hardin coming back and playing another game...
Summary of "After" series by Anna Todd by pinkluvv1
Summary of "After" series by pinkkluvv
Hi guys, this is the summary of "After" series by Anna Todd. Hope you like it , I will be writing soon Love you ❤️
Love a First Sight  by sabrinamkbrown
Love a First Sight by Sabrina King
Tessa Young gets kicked out of school again she starts fresh at Kell High School where she meets sexy mysterious bad boy Hardin Scott. She feels drawn to him but why and...
Beginning  by beginningofitall
Beginning by BEGINNING
Emery's parents, Hardin and Tessa say goodbye to their precious daughter as she starts college but will she follow in her parents footsteps causing the past repeat itsel...
After by ItsGammynotGrammy
Afterby Gouthami Shivaprakash
A small poem inspired by the After series written by Anna Todd.
The Faint Of Heart The Reaper And The Demon (Black Butler Fanfiction) by SheWolfiee
The Faint Of Heart The Reaper Nastassja Jennings
Caitryn Daughter of Sebastian and Charlotte Everything she has ever known slowly begins to change. Few things remain the same. Soon Ciel Phantomhive and Caitryn become s...
Hessa x Imagines by utterlyours
Hessa x Imaginesby utterlyours
Mini After imagines. Mostly Hessa moments.
Desires(a script inspired from "After") by krissiecaldi
Desires(a script inspired from " Kristen
This is a small screenplay I wrote for my scriptwriting class! The characters are based of the After Series by Anna Todd. I love After and Before so much and the scenari...
After Series Alternate Ending by craykayyy
After Series Alternate Endingby craykayyy
Let's recall the situation where Harry and Tessa decided to be apart. Tessa lived in New York with Liam and Harry followed them until Tessa found out about the manuscrip...
Almost (L)over by oishiiieee
Almost (L)overby Bella
Lana Sam Harvey who is about to finish her senior year had her life all planned out after high school. Kids at school branded her as "little miss perfect" and...
"Dimensions"  - Original song, inspired by Anna Todd's book series "After" by flourescentMoonchild
"Dimensions" - Original song, flourescentMoonchild
After reading though the first book and the first half of the second book in the absolutely amazing, stellar "After" series written by Anna Todd - @imaginator1...
Love Me, Maybe by XII_ish
Love Me, Maybeby Cassie♡
A love story in less than ten chapters. Please enjoy. Please do not report or flag. If you do not want to read about sex, do not read anything that I write. This is your...
Wake Me Up When November Ends (supernatural) by iteswrites
Wake Me Up When November Ends ( Inau Saneed
The last man standing is taking a final look back. WARNING: Extremely, undoubtably SAF. Some spoilers, vague. post-series. No ships, unrequited Cas->Sam Cas->Dea...