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Now We're Even by SweetTea_55
Now We're Evenby SweetTea_55
It's the one night of your life that'll last for a lifetime. Unfortunately. Eliza Thompson seems to have it all. She's pretty. Popular. And is dating the most handsome g...
Parallel: Revenge by Keithjr92
Parallel: Revengeby Keithjr92
Ebony has fallen for a man she has just met and watching him die before her as tears her apart. Enough to the point she is willing to sacrifice her own life just to be w...
Any Last Words? by SweetTea_55
Any Last Words?by SweetTea_55
Kenya Whitmore can't name a single extraordinary thing about herself. She's your average highschooler, with an average family and an average secret crush. The only thing...
Char Coal (BWWM) by LoveFaze
Char Coal (BWWM)by Rose D.
They always say that someone's true beauty is in the inside. Why is that? Why is our true beauty hidden away from others? People could always fake like they're a good pe...
Kingston U: Introductions by TyRauje
Kingston U: Introductionsby 🐐
-extended summary inside- Follow a group of students at an hbcu as they navigate their way through the year. Some love each other, some hate each other, and some are com...
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Tainted Roses by PorchaDion24
Tainted Rosesby PorchaDion24
This isn't just about learning how to love another properly but also learning how to love yourself unconditionally. Learning to forgive and let go because we all don't g...
The Chronicles of Tyrone: The Academy of Trials. by mosheyisrael84
The Chronicles of Tyrone: The Moshe Yisrael
This is the second installment of The Chronicles of Tyrone series. Tyrone, Fred, Pookie, and Rae Dawg is heading to a training facility called Goshen Meadows Academy tha...
Gradually Falling by itzbrieee
Gradually Fallingby Abena Gyawu
A loving girl called Olivia was diagnosed with a very rare disease after her twin sister Madison,died.She was never the same after the death of her sister till a young b...
Brackish Beauty by dullcocoa
Brackish Beautyby dullcocoa
She's sweet, thoughtfull and shy...but definetly not inncocent I think its safe to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholders holder?.. Living in a...
Love for the Young by MarsInRetro
Love for the Youngby MarsInRetrograde
Gabriel finds a woman thrown across his wood pile following a storm. The woman's injuries have caused memory loss, and she decides to stay with Gabriel. Plagued by depre...
An anonymous author, Amare is beautiful black girl, a carrier of another's four hundred years old soul, Audrey! With all the hold backs, she is determined to give herse...
LINDA VERJI PRESENTS {Complete List Of My Books} by lindaverji
LINDA VERJI PRESENTS {Complete Linda Verji ✌
Are you a romantic at heart? Fancy a little thrill and sometimes suspense with your romance? Well, come on into my world.... I bet you'll like what you see.
Unforeseen Love by Honeycomb_108
Unforeseen Loveby Honeycomb_108
It took Olivia several years to establish her own company, 'State of Art Architecture' which has become the 2nd most recognized architect company in the country. She is...
Young Dumb Broke High School Kids by Cakemellows
Young Dumb Broke High School Kidsby diba♡
"We're just young, dumb, and broke, but we still got love to give." -Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid ... Adanna Okorie likes to have everything in her life under...
Joyce's Story (Short Story) by OthnielKeith
Joyce's Story (Short Story)by Lakeith Othniel
She curled up into a ball as she thought about Lena,her body felt weak and she had serious headaches.... #protectourwomen
My Amazing Life by dezybakes
My Amazing Lifeby dezybakes
This story is about the struggles and challenges of being an African American fat teenage girl. yes the cover photo is me and yes this story is only half true but I real...
Back in the Day by lioneldblake
Back in the Dayby Lionel Blake
An influential Atlanta couple in the middle of a separation is forced to set aside their differences when well-kept secrets and dangerous people from the past begin to r...
My name is Charlotte  (BWWM) by ashleynd92
My name is Charlotte (BWWM)by Ashley Downey
Meet Charlotte Atkins. She is an independent, headstrong, young woman who knows what she wants. She happens to fall in love with her neighbor who is white. This would b...
The Story of Her by Thatflasharmy
The Story of Herby Thatflasharmy
Underprivileged. Disadvantaged. Deprived. Those are the words that most outsiders would use to describe Melody and Malik Cole. Orphaned at sixteen, they had no choice bu...
MY BROTHERS BEST FRIEND//Slowly Editing by _BraceFace_Neisha_
MY BROTHERS BEST FRIEND//Slowly _BraceFace_Neisha_
Join Jerciauna on a journey as she faces reality of having a ONE NIGHT STAND with her Brothers BESTFRIEND.It was all fun and Games until feelings got involved. Will all...