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Someone Out There Loves You (Adopted by Frank Iero) by noodlespud
Someone Out There Loves You ( Trash rat™
After a failed suicide attempt, 15 year old Alexa is abandoned by her parents. That is, if you could consider them parents in the first place. She has been living in a p...
Finding a Way | Adopted by Gerard Way by hezitantalienz
Finding a Way | Adopted by andi???
Evelyn always got by on her own. She didn't need anyone else, and when she had them it'd always end in betrayal, they'd turn their backs on her, and she was alone once a...
A Way Back Home | Adopted by Gerard Way (Book Two) by hezitantalienz
A Way Back Home | Adopted by andi???
Read book 1, Finding A Way | Adopted by Gerard Way. Evelyn found a way and now she's back and truly better than ever. She doesn't believe in luck, but that doesn't mean...
Adopted by My Chemical  Romance by GerardWay728
Adopted by My Chemical Romanceby Doll
Delilah has been living in the same orphanage for thirteen years. Her parents passed in a car crash when she was just two years old, leaving her alone. She had friends...
Adopted by My Chemical Romance by wickedrhapsody
Adopted by My Chemical Romanceby sunflower
{please don't read this i was 12} Adeline Abernathy survived the plane crash that killed everyone aboard, including her family. It was a miracle that the rescue team fo...
Adopted By Frank Iero- A MCR Fanfic by westcoastsuffering
Adopted By Frank Iero- A MCR Fanficby Partridge
Achlea Jameson had been at an orphanage for most of her life, but when Frank Iero and Jamia decide they want to adopt a daughter, Achlea is in luck. She's just the girl...
Lighters // Adopted by Frank Iero by DearSiouxsie
Lighters // Adopted by Frank Ieroby DearSiouxsie
Kai's life seems to be getting slightly harder, until Frank Iero comes along, but its not all bands and great music from then.
Adopted by Gerard Way by warpedkilljoy
Adopted by Gerard Wayby Jen
Lainey was just an orphan, her parents died on Valentine's Day and she is and outcast. Her idol, Gerard way, surprise adopts her after she almost died falling out of a t...
Paper trails- adopted by my chemical romance by Kinniemoment
Paper trails- adopted by my Pissboy
(I was gonna write this ironically but I actually wanted to write it) Oliver was a 14 year old who lived out his days in the care home, nothing out of the ordinary ever...
Adopted by Gerard Way by AngelicaSchuyler7
Adopted by Gerard Wayby Taylør Geiger
When Alex, a depressed 13 year old orphan gets adopted by Gerard Way, will things get better for her, or not?
Adopted By Mcr by King_Of_The_Clouds
Adopted By Mcrby Rheannon Riddle
aliyah is a 14 year old girl who's parents have always hated her and abused her. one day cops gave her mom a ticket. They found scars on aliyah and were worried. But she...
New Beginnings •Adopted By My Chemical Romance• by LilSadEmoKitty
New Beginnings •Adopted By My Taryn
Jasmine and William best friends get adopted by the one and only Gerard and Lyn-Z Way!!!! (SORRY BUT SLOW UPDATES) PG-13 Strong Language/Crude Humor
A Real Family (Adopted by MCR) [DISCONTINUED] by One_Falling_Romance
A Real Family (Adopted by MCR) [ Lukas
Find out in story. Rated PG13 They are still together through this whole story. It's actually 2019.
Adopted by my chemical romance by ieatcrayons89
Adopted by my chemical romanceby ieatcrayons89
This is about a girl named autumn who was adopted by my chemical romance this is my first story enjoy.:)A/N
Adopted by My Chemical Romance  by autumn_iero_
Adopted by My Chemical Romance by autumn_iero_
Ash is a pansexual gender fluid 15 year old they love My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. What happens when their favorite band adopts them read t...
Adopted By Gerard Way?! by rayray15isawesome
Adopted By Gerard Way?!by Rhiannon king
A girl named Macy has been in the adoption care for years and has never been adopted. She's 15 now and is emo. She slowly loses hope but then one day her idol came and s...
I'd Even Wait All Night by GravityGrenade
I'd Even Wait All Nightby 🌼Ella🌼
Y/N Opal, a girl who at this point was thought to be pretty ordinary. When one day the worst happens, her father comes and things change. (Gerard Wy Daughter Story) Warn...
Adopted by MyChemicalRomance by megan_clarke101
Adopted by MyChemicalRomanceby megan_clarke101
Hannah has been in care since she was 4 years old. As she has grown up she has had a love of bands, when she enters tickets to a MyChemcialRomance concert years later he...
I Guess It's my Turn Now // Adopted by Ray Toro by UniIsOkayNow
I Guess It's my Turn Now // Uni
Grace is a simple girl, an introverted city girl, she likes pastels, and loves My Chem, most people find her weird when she tells them that, but she doesn't really care...
adopted by mcr?!???? xD by chemicalpilotsxdd
adopted by mcr?!???? xDby panic!atthechemicalphans x3
reader pov y/n was abandoned at a young age by her parents and was thrown into an abusive orphanage where she was abused and bullied. one day her idols my chemical roman...