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Nightmare-( Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by AvirahStories
Nightmare-( Diabolik Lovers Fanfic)by Avirah
Akame Tatsumi the famous vampire hunter. She is famous by her code name Mysterious Heroine X. One day she was a signed to kill the Vampire King and his sons. To complete...
That moment when . by Larissaloves342
That moment when .by Larissaloves342
*****Featured Wattpad story***** This is just a book to make you laugh and to show you that other people understand you . Please comment back to let me know that I sho...
Balancing Mess, Truth, and Trust by JayTheWriterr
Balancing Mess, Truth, and Trustby JayTheWriterr
This story is my first story 📝📖i will be writing and chapters will be added to this story.. Some relating to reality and some not. This will be based on the daily t...
" was  all a lie" {COMPLETED} by UnicornMendez
" was all a lie" {COMPLETED}by UnicornMendez
Ashley is touring with Shawn Mendes her best friend and Shawn doesn't know that Ashley likes him until they finished a duo and when they couldn't be seen by there fans A...