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Pucca Comic Collection by amy-exe
Pucca Comic Collectionby amy.exe
These comics belong to artists in Instagram. Check them out and send them some Love!!! ๑ ๑ ๑ ๑ (Their Instagram will be showed as the chapter's image) (๑'•ᴗ•'๑)
I miss you Pucca || Garu's story by amy-exe
I miss you Pucca || Garu's storyby amy.exe
Pucca had to leave Sooga Village. At first Garu enjoyed it but soon he began to miss the chances, hugs and kisses he received everyday. This story is mainly in Garu's p...
Tobe x Garu Funny love..? by elmothegreat42
Tobe x Garu Funny love..?by elmothegreat42
Heyo! The people that have been reading this, I have made some changes! This is only going to be a Tobe and Garu fanfic! From Pucca! Tobe x Garu If you haven't watched P...
Emotionless Love Pucca x Garu by AmyEeveeEvolutions
Emotionless Love Pucca x Garuby AmyEeveeEvolutions
(This is a bit recreating most of the episodes in Pucca: Love Recipe and maybe a bit of Pucca: Funny Love) After being betrayed by Garu, Pucca has become emotionless to...
✨Pucca x Garu (one shots)✨ by Sxturnx420
✨Pucca x Garu (one shots)✨by baddie bug
Im not really sure where ill take this, I find this ship adorable. So give me ideas and advice of what you want. 🖤❤️
Pucca (Reader Insert) Temperarily Discontinued by ILuvsGenevieve
Pucca (Reader Insert) Temperarily...by ILuvsGenevieve
I can't describe anything so.....title😐 Temporarily Discontinued
Chase Me ✔️ by MatrixGalaxy
Chase Me ✔️by N. Heart
Pucca is madly in love with Garu-everyone knows that. But, what about Garu? What does he feel about Pucca? Nobody knows that. But, as time passes, Pucca is already a 14...
Difference {garuxreader} by another___one___666
Difference {garuxreader}by Piss baby 🥺
Discontinued ° Some how u and your big brother got "kicked out" of your own house. You both had dreamed to get the hell out of there, and now it had finally ca...
Pucca Incorrect Quotes~ by Graceqqqquin
Pucca Incorrect Quotes~by G
HOME OF PUCCA INCORRECT QUOTES just for funsies- highest ranking so far: 3rd in Garucca art cover by: @lou.nixx on IG :) pls check them out thankss
My First Love. ( Pucca x Garu ) by eileennb
My First Love. ( Pucca x Garu )by eileennb
Garu, now in his late teens is mostly known as a strong, hard-working and honourable man. Though, many things have changed throughout the past 6 years- puberty has hit h...
Finding true Love | High School ( Pucca Fanfic ) by Noodlie_and_Ramen
Finding true Love | High School (...by Noodlie_and_Ramen
This story is a Pucca x Garu story but starts off as Pucca x Tobe. (Or is it..?) And don't worry the ages are different than what they actually are. Jeez calm down 😂😭 ...
A Late Blossom (Under Editing) by star_luna16
A Late Blossom (Under Editing)by star_luna16
This is a story of pucca who loved her beloved garu so much until it shattered her. A feeling of unrequited love of someone who doesn't want to be with her and runs away...
A Slice Of Life by toybeebee2
A Slice Of Lifeby toybeebee2
I can't breathe it hurts everything hurts! MAKE IT STOP!! PLEASE!! When garu finds tobe bleeding out in the woods on the verge of death will he be ok? What happened? 1...
Putting Love In His Empty Heart by HowlingWolf2711
Putting Love In His Empty Heartby Blaeze2003
The show, Pucca, does not belong to me, but the story cover is created by me. Credits go to the original owners of Pucca. As it's clearly shown on the cover, this is a...
Truth Or Dare | Pucca Edition  by Noodlie_and_Ramen
Truth Or Dare | Pucca Edition by Noodlie_and_Ramen
I have a lot of writings here for Aphmau so I decided to break that by this story. Anyways this is a Truth or Dare kind of thing, so feel free to comment truths or dare...
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Pucca Funny Love Reader Insert by My_Ate_Jaja
Pucca Funny Love Reader Insertby Ninjaja_Lang
It's a Tobe x Reader Reader chan is an abnormally strong teenager.... Tobe is an....well...a leader?..... What happens if they cross paths? Anyways just read it toodles...
garu's letter by amy-exe
garu's letterby amy.exe
A comic where Garu delivers a card to Pucca. By CookieCat credit goes all to her with the comic Pucca doesn't belong to any one of us. Pucca belong to the original creat...
The Love Forgotten by star_luna16
The Love Forgottenby star_luna16
A story about Pucca who was said to be dead because of the battle between Tobe and Garu. It was a tough fight where Garu failed to protect her. The one who always kept h...
🍓 pucca preferences 🍓 by wisonia
🍓 pucca preferences 🍓by ➸ a noceur
I thought about this last night Start date: April 10 2020 Character x Reader and Character x Character! °~~☆~~° #5 on ringring #5 on vooz #1 on jetix #9 on puccafunnylov...
New Beginnings  by Dove-Chan
New Beginnings by Jay
Five years have passed since the show ended leaving all the characters around 16 years of age. Garu finally broke his vow of silence followed in suit by Pucca. Two new p...