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Naruto Boyfriend Preferences/Scenarios by hammockbabe
Naruto Boyfriend Preferences/Scena...by hammockbabe
REQUESTS OPEN , please request away and i will do my best to write it. I want to include people less included in the scenarios, Garra, Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Lee...
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ABO?-Logince/Moxiety by TheUsualOddities
ABO?-Logince/Moxietyby TheUsualOddities
ABO verse fic where Roman and Logan move in with Patton and Virgil, and Virgil is suspicious they aren't being completely truthful...
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Deeper into the wood by FakeHoney
Deeper into the woodby FakeHoney
Alpha/Beta/Omega. Those are the rank in a wolf pack. To survive , a pack must follow the leader a.k.a the dominant alpha whom choose an omega or beta to mate with. That'...
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Looks Can Be Deceiving by literaryoblivion
Looks Can Be Deceivingby Freck
Derek wouldn’t say he’s an unobservant person. He’s good at taking in his surroundings, analyzing a situation enough to know whether he should stay or leave for his own...
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PUDDIN'. by seungminss
PUDDIN'.by dandy boy
seungmin should've expected it, really- with a sub alpha and a pure omega as parents, that extra chromosome was just destined to fuck him up. [a/b/o verse] featuring...
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Pink Milk & Misunderstandings by challio
Pink Milk & Misunderstandingsby challio
"Being attracted to cute omega boys isn't a crime ai'Pha" Beam exclaimed with an eye-roll seeing his alpha friend's longing gaze at the omega in front of them...
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Unraveling The Sun's Shadows by GoBe95
Unraveling The Sun's Shadowsby GoldenxBeginnings
The youngest descendant of a powerful lineage of True Bloods, Jeon Jungkook has been programmed all his life to be the perfect Alpha he should be. Born as a prodigy, the...
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Jugando a la Casita by yisusfishus
Jugando a la Casitaby Makster
Short fic para el primer día de la ArgChi Week 2k19 del mes de Septiembre. Usando los personajes de Latin Hetalia. [Prompts] Omegaverse/Familia [Author] Makster, makoto_...
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Dear, Date by x1nightshadow
Dear, Dateby Seungzz Ryeonseung S2
Seungzz - Long ass oneshot! (14k) Hurt/Comfort, Stranger to Lover, ABOverse, Mature, Slowburn! "Kau penuh dengan lelucon, Seungyounie. Apa yang bisa dilakukan omega...
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So I Marry a Stranger by x1nightshadow
So I Marry a Strangerby Seungzz Ryeonseung S2
Oneshot - 8k - Arranged Marriage - ABOverse "Seungyounie, aku hanya rut, bukan sedang mabuk. Aku tahu kalau kau pasangan sahku, dan apa kau kira, di dunia ini oran...
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Murder of the Black Roses by Mad_Magdaa
Murder of the Black Rosesby Nanonanooo
WARNING; RATED 13+ (MILD CURSING, OMEGAVERSE, CUDDLING UWU) Pairing; • Krisho • Chanbaek • Xiulay • Kaisoo • Hunhan • Taochen Summary; The new girl group, Black Rose...
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smile.jpg by orionidmeteors
smile.jpgby lost child
Yan Jiahui, a 21st century actress, who's also a fujoshi, bounded with a system! Abusing the slag gongs, wringing the hearts for more tears, this is the story of how she...
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Hidden -(omega) by SUPERKAZ_2y5
Hidden -(omega)by J. B.
Jessica has been hidden away since birth, has been taken care of by a maid. See in her pack omegas were a disgrace, weren't allowed, they were killed at birth. Once (da...
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