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The Gongoozler and the Mermer by fredalicious_boi
The Gongoozler and the Mermerby Fredalicious Squirrel
Deep under the sea, the Gongoozler, son of the King of Unus Kingdom, was born not like the other merfolk in his kingdom, who were soft, sweet, and emotional. He was incr...
Unus Annus (self insert) by Reddie24
Unus Annus (self insert)by Adrian_Writes_Stuff
Mark and Ethan asked (y/n) if she/he/they would like to help with a little project called Unus Annus. To their surprise (Y/n) accepts and so begins Unus Annus.
Final moments by GiratinaLove3
Final momentsby GiratinaLove3
For the end of Unus Annus. I stayed up till like 1 in the morning to see the end. I was watching for the entire 12 hours. Unus Annus. Memento Mori *The pictures were not...
Trapped in Castle Rock by GameJournalist
Trapped in Castle Rockby GameJournalist
"I think we might be able to get out through there!" "Ehh, partner? Something's found me..." ~-{WWH}-~ Two explorers find themselves separated from t...
#WeWereHere Unus Annus by BFFSwithBill
#WeWereHere Unus Annusby The Ever Epic 4 Controllers
My one fan art with Unus Annus. Enjoy this and comment your support on the Unus Annus Death Celebration.
Memoria Finalem by CrystallizeFlower
Memoria Finalemby Crystal Flower
It ends at 000:00:00:00 but the clock stops at -29584:18:35:10.
As the Clock Ticks Down (Memento Mori) by emesreadingcorner
As the Clock Ticks Down (Memento M...by Eme / Cass
A little parting gift/coping mechanism to deal with Unus Annus. ⚠️Warnings: concepts of death, small mentions of panic⚠️ ◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️ 🔉DISCLAIMER: I DO NO...
Our Call to War | Book 1 | by iamkittenluver  by iamkittenluver
Our Call to War | Book 1 | by iamk...by Kitty Darling
Kai and her two siblings are sent away from home to a safer area in a war torn country. They are sent off with the clothes off their backs and as much as they could fit...
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Ethan Nestor Imagines by Reddie24
Ethan Nestor Imaginesby Adrian_Writes_Stuff
Ethan's videos have been helping me with a lot recently so I figured that it's finally time I write a book about eef. I just wanna give Ethan the biggest hug ever. That...