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En garde, Milady, Saber Dance Series, Book 1 by SueHart2
En garde, Milady, Saber Dance Seri...by Sue A. Hart
Watty's 2018 short list, #2 highest rank for Historical, 1st Place in the Profound Awards. They clashed more than swords. The Marquess of Greystone, has sailed the seas...
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Scars of a Hero, Saber Dance, book 2 (completed) by SueHart2
Scars of a Hero, Saber Dance, book...by Sue A. Hart
(Sequel to En garde, Milady) He saved her once, but she's still in danger. Lord Chadwick survived his burns thanks to his nurse, Prudence Stanford, but now she needs his...
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Falling For Luke by MackieJay
Falling For Lukeby Mackie Jay
Twenty-two years after the events of "Like Father, Like Son", Luke Bradley is all grown up and coming back home after two years working as a teacher in Africa...
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Getting Even (Sample Only, sold on Amazon 4/10/2020 by SueHart2
Getting Even (Sample Only, sold on...by Sue A. Hart
Never poke a sleeping warrior. . . or he might poke back. Noah Hunter's best friend has woman problems. Not a rare event to any man, but she and her friends decide to te...
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Emilia's life has been messed up ever since her mother left her and her sister with their father. Their father Steven Weston re-married six months after their mother mov...
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Love hurts by Shammu315
Love hurtsby Shameem
"I wonder..." "Oh, no don't make that face" He smirked at her "what face?" She swallowed and whispered. "the face you get when you're...
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Info & FAQs by WattpadStars
Info & FAQsby Wattpad Stars
This is where we'll share information about the Wattpad Stars program, answers to frequently asked questions, and news and updates about Wattpad in general!
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Enemy Turned Love .. 😼❤ by tanayapawar
Enemy Turned Love .. 😼❤by tanaya ✔️❤
The story of mystery! The story that stop's The breathe! The story which changes enemy into love ,that love that is unconditional, that's love that makes the thrill mor...
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Paid Stories: Writer Spotlights by PaidStories
Paid Stories: Writer Spotlightsby Paid Stories
Wattpad is home to many incredible writers. We had the opportunity to speak with some of our Paid Stories writers and explore what writing means to them (and the impact...
The Sentence Hunt!  by Bookcycle
The Sentence Hunt! by Book Cycle
The forces of evil have invaded our world with their minions, the sentences. We have called on you, the mightiest of hunters, to join our guild; The Bookcyclers, and hun...
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Wattpad Stars: Writer Spotlights by WattpadStars
Wattpad Stars: Writer Spotlightsby Wattpad Stars
Wattpad is home to many incredible writers. We had the opportunity to speak with some of our Stars and explore their experiences with Wattpad and the Stars program. Chec...
Lost Diaryby The Brain Buzzer
Check This Adventure Story Out. Lost Diary is the diary of a boy lost during his adventures to a secret place. Find out what happened...
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Mirror of Time by SueHart2
Mirror of Timeby Sue A. Hart
(A Paranormal Romance with a scientific twist) A mirror from the 1920's reaches into the turn of 2020. Frank looks into his mirror and, instead of his reflection, sees a...
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Jack's and Elizabeth's love story by ineruete
Jack's and Elizabeth's love storyby ineruete
This will be my "continuation" of season 4 of When Calls The Heart (Hallmark). Sorry if I don't write something correctly, English is not my mother tongue❤️ Hi...
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Fanfiction: Noah Centineo & Lana Condor "To all the boys I've loved before" by SveaWedis
Fanfiction: Noah Centineo & Lana C...by Svea Wedis
Lana and Noah had clearly won the jackpot: They scored the main roles in the newest Netflix-flick, which basically turned them into internet sensations overnight. There...
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The Mr. Bad Boy's Destiny by AniahsNacanagamac
The Mr. Bad Boy's Destinyby Shaynee
This story is my first one. So sana magustuhan niyong lahat. Ang story na to ay simple lamang pero may exciting part naman tong story na to, so sana ma enjoy niyo ang...
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Shine With Famous Mongolians! by Shin_e_Sunn_y
Shine With Famous Mongolians!by 02 liner’s lover
Энэ нь жирийн interview-ээс илүүтэй TMI, хувийн амьдрал, зарим нэг зүйлсийг үзэх үзэл бодол зэргийг тусгасан болно. Зөвхөн зохиолч гэлтгүй алдартай page-ын admin, instag...
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The Korea Story by lutviarahayu
The Korea Storyby rahayulutvia
Berawal dari Gia yang sudah begitu bosan dengan hidupnya di Indonesia. Gia adalah selebriti yang di gandrungi di Indonesia, dia jatuh kedalam kehidupan selebriti yang me...
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Olikase oneshots (Oliver X Fukase) [Dark/Grim] by Zorena69
Olikase oneshots (Oliver X Fukase)...by Crazy Eyes
I would write a full story but I am hopeless at it... If you have not seen by my other stories... I will write oneshots instead of Oliver and Fukase
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GET THOUSANDS OF READS! How to get READERS to look at your books. First they have to SEE your books before they can read them. This short guide shows you how to do...
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