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Knight by hipstateasee
Knightby megan
[boyxboy] Mason Maloney has lived his whole life in the shadow of his twin brother, Nathan, star quarterback of the football team. While Nathan impresses everyone in to...
  • romance
  • gay
  • forbidden
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Rising Tide by varzanic
Rising Tideby N.A. Carson
Zale is a cry baby. He can't help it. He just gets so mad that the tears start flowing, which makes him even madder. It also doesn't help that the world is sinking. Unp...
  • mafia
  • boyxboy
  • romance
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WOW 💥 Minsung by LIXIELOVE
WOW 💥 Minsungby ~uwu~
Excuse me noona, do you have a boyfriend?
  • minho
  • hanjisung
  • 3racha
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To Share You (boyxboy) by kyayna
To Share You (boyxboy)by kyayna
Donny has to move. Because his mother gets a promotion in another country and he knows he can't leave her alone, he starts at a new university for his second year. Donny...
  • secret
  • boyxboy
  • mpreg
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s e r p e n t {a drarry fic} by glittermxlfoy
s e r p e n t {a drarry fic}by Bri <3
bond /bänd/ a force or feeling that unites people; a shared emotion or interest. - 8th year! Hogwarts AU •includes boyxboy. If you are uncomfortable with that subject, I...
  • harrypotter
  • warflashbacks
  • wattys2019
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Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPREG) by iLyna_chAn
Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPR...by Lyna
SECOND CHANCES,i didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never...
  • xianxia
  • unlimitedpride
  • magiccultivation
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Gay Camp (BoyxBoy) by SecretPotatoxoxo
Gay Camp (BoyxBoy)by SecretPotatoxoxo
Coming out is always hard, especially when you live in a homophobic household where your parents preach about Jesus everyday. Cody didn't think that his parents would d...
  • homo
  • wattys2019
  • yaoihardcore
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Arrest me (completed)  by Freya_Bomb
Arrest me (completed) by Chocolate Thun-da
This is kinda inspired by Agatha Christie's book The ABC Murders. Jimin a newly made detective for Seoul police becomes the new target for the famous serial killer 'alp...
  • wattys2019
  • bts
  • abuse
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Spider-Man one shots by _-Stony-_
Spider-Man one shotsby SuperFamily
(I take requests just no Starker. And it might take a few days or weeks.) Short stories involving Spider-man and the avengers. Spider-man is being acted by Tom Holland...
  • superfamily
  • shield
  • spiderman
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Rogue Queen ➵ by IceSky_
Rogue Queen ➵by ♛
❝Never mess with the Royals. You'll feel the flames of hell before you even get there.❞ Back then, I wasn't anyone special. I wasn't some hero who saved anyone. I though...
  • werewolf
  • mate
  • asher
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Hide Away by CasMichaelRose
Hide Awayby Juniper
When Virgil is the one Deceit impersonates, things go horribly wrong. Anxiety watches as all of his friends interact with the liar as if nothing were wrong, and decides...
  • unlimitedpride
  • deceit
  • virgil
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Candy Gram ✓ by Olivaughn
Candy Gram ✓by Olivia L. Vaughn
Nick Buckingham - the most unsociable theatre guy you'll ever meet - has been "locker buddies" with the incredibly attractive all-rounder David Marquez for the...
  • projectemotie
  • boyxboy
  • projectcharacter
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Be more chill Fart kink oneshots by mintcoffee123
Be more chill Fart kink oneshotsby MintCoffee
Fred, sam, Floofle- if you're reading this- Don't judge me, you weenies- Click away if this ain't your thing. P l e a s e- Also- Credit to MitzyMewTwo for the inspiratio...
  • unlimitedpride
  • iends
  • kink
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Whistleblower ✓ by ToastedBagels
Whistleblower ✓by Kate Marchant
[To be published by Wattpad Books Spring 2020] Laurel Cates is a people-watcher. She's determined to get through college without stepping on any toes or causing a scene...
  • chicklit
  • fiction
  • contemporary
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Breathe, Tommy (bxb) (Wattys2019) [EDITING] by cupofli
Breathe, Tommy (bxb) (Wattys2019)...by ♡𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚊♡
Bullied all throughout high school for being gay, starting a college where no one knows him or the truth is the best thing for Tommy Carpenter. But there's the risk some...
  • angst
  • boyxboy
  • freethelgbt
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To Catch A Cheater ✔ by pan-panda_india
To Catch A Cheater ✔by Ananya
COVER BY @no_one_ugh "You were a better lay than your girlfriend." Jordan Kenna, the popular guy in highschool who is now a plain college student with a girlf...
  • malexmale
  • gay
  • hookup
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Finding Cinderella by raindrops_
Finding Cinderellaby kei
[NEW EDITION] He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent. There's nothing common between them except that they hated each other. Not...
  • summer
  • tristan
  • love
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spσílt by yaoiisme
spσíltby ♡ whαlєcum ♡
an au where harry is a tattoo artist and underage louis keeps coming to get tattoos. »this is mostly just fluff and smut«
  • manxboy
  • larry
  • unlimitedpride
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agony / / the umbrella academy by wowzaliterature14
agony / / the umbrella academyby samantha
Number Eight had the power of healing, but she also had the power of pain. After a mysterious mission that gets one of her brother's killed, Marilyn Hargreeves and her b...
  • allisonhargreeves
  • aidangallagher
  • vanyahargreeves
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Mayhem ➾ Bellamy Blake by distractedteen
Mayhem ➾ Bellamy Blakeby distractedteen
"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take." \≻≺/ It's fun living with nothing to lose. Now she risks everything to get herself to Earth with her t...
  • clarke
  • the100fanfiction
  • finn
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