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Theory Of Love by rxxxome_
Theory Of Loveby 너굴제롬
"Once love begins, It grows deeper." This was the original story of JittiRain, Theory Of Love. I do not own this novel and am not doing this in sake of money...
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tharntype smut by luvgulf
tharntype smutby nic
fake scenarios of tharntype
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Not Love At First Sight || TharnType by Lukey03
Not Love At First Sight || Luke Luzar
Tharn and Types relationship is far from love at first sight. Tharn is out going and makes friends with everyone. Type is quiet and mostly keeps to himself and the few...
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WHY R U ? [Fighter x Tutor] by By_Haruhi
WHY R U ? [Fighter x Tutor]by ❥ HARUHI ❥
Not only that he feel it's going to be a conflict since their first met, plus this P' also is actually pretending to flirt with his friends. At first, he understand that...
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Absolutely Yours by Yours_Truly_T
Absolutely Yoursby Twinkle
Kongpob chuckled. "Propose? " a playful smile was on his lips. "I mean, on Saturday, 4pm at the gym. We play. If I win, you join the team. If not, we wo...
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Two Moons The Series - Eng. Tran. Book 1 by ChinitoBlanco
Two Moons The Series - Eng. ChinitoBlanco
Wayo is a college boy who's secretly in love with his senior Phana since they were in High School. His love for him led the innocent young man to go after this guy in t...
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Bet On Love (PhanaWayo) by AnaisNaiim
Bet On Love (PhanaWayo)by Anais Na'im
Phana and Wayo have never gotten along. While attending the same high school, if they weren't avoiding each other, then they were arguing. And now that they have ended u...
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Triage || Forth X Beam (Tee X Tae)FF by iKunCai
Triage || Forth X Beam (Tee X Tae) iKunCai
What can you give in exchange of having to see the one you love smile again? In order to see him alive again? It was just another day for Forth, he thought, But when he...
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Tin is canned'  (TinCan) by Wannasamuel
Tin is canned' (TinCan)by Sam
Tin and Can hated each other since their very first encounter. Can swore to the God, that he'd never ever see the disturbingly handsome face of the atitude freak, Mr.T...
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Maybe He's Mine {UNEDITED} by papafuckyou
Maybe He's Mine {UNEDITED}by Papa of Fuck You's
read it and you'll be happy :)
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Love Stories Over A Cup Of Coffee  by ReinedelaNeige
Love Stories Over A Cup Of Coffee by ReinedelaNeige
In a coffee shop at the heart of Bangkok, a cheerful young man became shy upon meeting a gorgeous younger lad, a doctor tries his best to heal his broken heart with fak...
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Destined You & I  by Notmyday999
Destined You & I by Lana
What if it's not love at first sight? How many times do you have to meet to fall in love? Let's find out with Kongpob and Arthit. I only guarantee a happy ending. ❤️ Sta...
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Falling for you- MewGulf fanfic by JAYTYPE
Falling for you- MewGulf fanficby JAYTYPE
Soooooo.........hi there fellow tharntype/ MewGulf fanatic.👋🏻😉 I've been both blessed and cursed by finding the first episode of Tharntype the series.😂 Blessed beca...
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To Keep Going On by FiiJaa
To Keep Going Onby FiiJaa
2moons fanfic Beam disappeared after his one-night stand with Forth. No one knows where he went. Until he returned 7 years later. the characters belong to Chiffon_cake...
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Do Me? by prraangko
Do Me?by Franco
Two friends made a bet on who is going to get in a relationship first, they try to sabotage each other in order to win, but what if the reason they are sabotaging each o...
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Why R You? [Saifah x Zon] [Traduzione italiana] by dontaskmewhy85
Why R You? [Saifah x Zon] [ dontaskmewhy
Questa storia inizia quando la sorellina di Zon scrive un romanzo YY usando il nome del fratello e quello di Saifah. E io vi giuro che tutto sembra diventare reale.
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That One-Week Date | ✔️ by ______jaemint
That One-Week Date | ✔️by 𝒿𝒶𝑒𝓂𝒾𝓃𝓉
Kongpob, an extremely popular first year student, has a weird routine of dating anyone - male or female - who asks him out first at the beginning of every Monday, then p...
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Después de haber partido al extranjero Beam regresa siendo un graduado en medicina, con la voluntad de llevar una vida tranquila dejando el pasando en donde debe estar...
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Serenity & Beyond by tshreyu
Serenity & Beyondby Tshreyu
This story is third in my KongArt Omega verse. Sequel to Reaching Serenity and Seducing Alpha, this follows the life of Alpha Kongpob and his mated Omega Arthit. Lately...
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my junior ||kongart by mycyjn
my junior ||kongartby b!yj 4 life
in a society full of straight people, a closeted gay, third-year student of SSU engineering faculty, arthit, seems to be struggling a lot. a big responsibility of being...
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