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until it hurts by xx_anklebiters_xx
until it hurtsby xx_anklebiters_xx
the space in between love and friendship is beautiful until it hurts.
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In Our Secret Moments by whycantitbereal
In Our Secret Momentsby whycantitbereal
After a drunken night of with her bestfriend, How can you continue on as if nothing has happened? Hayley and Taylor start off Tour 2 with a big secret that threatens to...
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Crystal Clear (Here We Go) by itmightbenotsure
Crystal Clear (Here We Go)by scooby two
A short and sweet little tayley fic. I don't think i have to describe their relationship anymore, its pretty 'crystal clear' :P ....so it's been a minute since ive done...
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Love's Not A Competition(Tayley) *FINISHED* by riot_2
Love's Not A Competition(Tayley) *...by riot_2
After a horrible school fight, Hayley and Taylor are forced to bond with eachother so they won't cause any more trouble in school. Not that they mind anyway. Even though...
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*Discontinued* Now I Get A Holiday (Tayley) by emptyswimmingpools
*Discontinued* Now I Get A Holiday...by -
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*Discontinued* You're Leaving Me Breathless by emptyswimmingpools
*Discontinued* You're Leaving Me B...by -
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Down to You by MiiaMore10
Down to Youby MiiaMore10
Taylor York was an egocentric playboy who seemed to have no heart. His father, Peter, desperate to shape his teen into shape decides to send him to work for an up and co...
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Once Bitten, Twice Shy by axlgram
Once Bitten, Twice Shyby lonely girl
Two strangers meet at an airport on Christmas eve. Is their connection fate... or fake?
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Let the Flames Begin (Tayley) by sainte_loves_axlgram
Let the Flames Begin (Tayley)by Queen of Jardougall
After a big fight between Hayley and Chad, Taylor heads over to support her. But after they spend the night together, Taylor has to go home. When he gets a distressed ph...
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On the Line |✓| by xx_anklebiters_xx
On the Line |✓|by xx_anklebiters_xx
In which two teenagers form an online connection.
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TAYLEY IS REAL AND IS HAPPENING - A theory by roundbyroundnow
TAYLEY IS REAL AND IS HAPPENING...by roundbyroundnow
a theory, just a theory that I really believe in
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playing god by paramoreisholy
playing godby keep on falling
"...next time you point a finger, i'll point you to the mirror..." hidden things reveal themselves much easier when not plagued with the faces of th...
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my heart || ✓ by paramoreisholy
my heart || ✓by keep on falling
"...this heart, it beats, beats for only you; my heart is yours..." all he did was cut his hair. and all it did was break her heart. - paramore two-shot /trig...
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Frat House2 by endingera
Frat House2by Val
sequel to "frat house" (will update this description soon)
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All We Know Is Falling - A Tayley Fanfiction by hgbanana27
All We Know Is Falling - A Tayley...by h.banana.27
Hayley's world has crumbled around her, and the little that she has left just doesn't seem to be right. She spends her days lying in bed doing nothing, until someone bri...
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I'm Screaming I love You So (Tayley) by MiiaMore10
I'm Screaming I love You So (Tayle...by MiiaMore10
Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who had their heart broken. The friendship they shared gave each other the strength they needed to move on with their lives...
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It's a special kind of love (tayley) by MiiaMore10
It's a special kind of love (tayle...by MiiaMore10
One shots! Tayley!!
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two || ✓ by paramoreisholy
two || ✓by keep on falling
"...oh glory, come and find me..." taylor falls for hayley; hayley falls into a deep hole of inexplicable darkness in which he can no longer find he...
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Can't Pretend (klayley) by 12thandlanois
Can't Pretend (klayley)by Es
Klaus and Hayley, preschool enemies. While growing up, their hatred grew but when things get rough and reality kicks into their movie like life style, they are the only...
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you, me & everything between // tayley by WhereArtThouWriter
you, me & everything between // ta...by WhereArtThouWriter
"Sanity, why must you make a fool of me/ You been a friend to me, now I think we're enemies/ When I fall on my knees I hear you laughing/ When I call on your name...
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