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Behind that Smile  | Editing by writingcrazed
Behind that Smile | Editingby jules
Growing up in a large, middle-class (if not lower) family had its challenges. More than I can account for actually. I had five older sisters and two older brothers. Thro...
The Butterfly Effect by Explosivewafflez
The Butterfly Effectby Kayla
What has pushed you to believe taking your life is the answer? Are you really going to do it? What happens when death isn't as peaceful as you expected? What if a Reaper...
[COMPLETED] Scarred Memories by daniella-lavonne
[COMPLETED] Scarred Memoriesby ♱ ησvεᵯbεɍ_08 ♱
Sneak peak: "Wrong answer, you bitch! You're meant to say you love me!" He yelled in my face, which made me whimper in fear. I tried to look away from him beca...
Misalignment | ✔ by mack-collette
Misalignment | ✔by M a c k ♪
"There are a million shades of grey between their black and their white - but no one ever cares to see them." In a world with a limited view of gender, Cam Shi...
Sweet Madness by weaponism
Sweet Madnessby jackie
COMING 2016. Teaser inside.
Forgiveness by twoconstipatedgoats
Forgivenessby G
Some people would always forgive you even before you ask for their forgiveness. [ an entry to @hepburnettes 's joint Christmas Contest 2015 ]
I'm Fine ✓ by onlybymaria
I'm Fine ✓by maria
I was never fine, and nor was she. Amazing cover by @ChocoMinsCake
Murder Christmas by plushybear
Murder Christmasby Hiatus
This is not a Merry Christmas. It is a Murder Christmas.
Writing Challenges (#stopverbalabusewc) by StopVerbalAbuse
Writing Challenges ( #StopVerbalAbuse
Grab your pencils and paper, laptops, snacks, and mental thinking caps because it is time to write for awareness!
Sticks and Stones by lindiwrites
Sticks and Stonesby lindi elise ☺︎
Sticks and stones, May break my bones, But words, Might be the death of me. ✘ Copyrighted ©2017 by stayinmylane-girl on Part of the #StopVerbalAbuse writing...
Social Slave by Me_a_Poet
Social Slaveby Khansa Jan
Social Slave was #322 in the Poetry hotliston 18/07/2017. Thank you to everyone for the support. And keep supporting the book for #wattys2018 Social Slave was #294 on 2...
A Peek Into My Reality by FitzSimmonsForever
A Peek Into My Realityby Sophia
Hi.I usually express myself through poetry but I decided to write for the world because I can help others identify similar feelings as mine trough writing. This book is...
He & She by nebula_21
He & Sheby sky & meg
"Après la pluie, le beau temps." = after rain, comes good weather. After living three years in an apartment filled with hatred and endless pain, with love and...
About stopverbalabuse abuse  by StopVerbalAbuse
About stopverbalabuse abuse by #StopVerbalAbuse
Are you Curious about who we are and what we do? You have come to the right place! Here we will tell you all about us! Enjoy!
Strawberry Rolls by nancyystearss
Strawberry Rollsby ♡
Olivia wasn't in need of a knight in a shining armor to save her from the bullying she receives due to her weight, but a friend to offer her wipes when she is soaked in...
A Star of Darkness by AnonymousMangaReader
A Star of Darknessby AnonymousMangaReader
A star will shine on. Always. A star helps you. It guides you. It conceals you. It can even make your wishes come true. This star is special It made me live again. Do yo...
The Stories of Us [personal stories and quotes] by StopVerbalAbuse
The Stories of Us [personal #StopVerbalAbuse
I wanted to make a book that would help verbal abuse survivors/victims get better. I hope this helps :) read to submit! Also, quotes will be put in this book as...
Stretch Marks | on hold by mack-collette
Stretch Marks | on holdby M a c k ♪
Being skinny isn't all that important to fifteen-year-old Rosamund Parker. Even though she's surrounded by a horde of Barbie doll lookalikes, she's happy with who she is...