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Your Questionnaire by shhoney
Your Questionnaireby S̷H̷H̷O̷N̷E̷Y̷
#WORLDWIDE This content has been created for people all around the world. English language has been chosen because it is common to everybody, so you can express your fe...
Just a random story about how I went from self-hate to self-love Was #1 on personalstory #1 on lifecoaching #1 on personaldevelopment #3 in Mauritius Thank you so much❤️
Something About 6 AM by melaninjulia
Something About 6 AMby Juliana james
A Guide To Purposeful Living Something About 6 AM is a simple short story about how I quit my 9 - 5 job in search for purpose. I'm yet to uncover many of my hidden poten...
Get Yourself Motivated by tonjen
Get Yourself Motivatedby LifeLover
There were days that I woke up and did not know whats the first thing to do. I was absolutely clueless how to get on my day. Although I have a job to get to, friends...
Lucies Wave by lucieswave
Lucies Waveby lucieswave
This is my first blogpost. Microdosing, is going to be the topic. I've decided to start a business around it. Honestly, I've never experienced with this, so the only way...
Sixteen Codes (Poetry Book) by Enchantian
Sixteen Codes (Poetry Book)by Carl Joshua
Sixteen Codes 1. A Crown Of Thorns And Roses 2.False Belief 3..... 4..... 5..... 6.... 7.... 8... 9..... 10.... 11.... 12... 13..... 14....... 15...... 16..... Written b...
Choose Happy by CarlyBahringer
Choose Happyby Carly Bahringer
So you've decided to dive in head first on your journey to positive thinking, great... but now what? This book will heighten your awareness to the limitless possibilitie...
Free IQ Test by IQtest
Free IQ Testby IQ Test for All
This resource helps you test your IQ and know your IQ score instantly. Your score would be calculated and interpreted for you, with a single click. No sign up required...
The Dyslexic Detective by GeraldCondliffe
The Dyslexic Detectiveby GeraldWatts
When a beautiful girl's necklace is stolen in class and an unpopular boy runs away before being searched, the identity of the thief seems obvious. But Matt Madejski, a d...
Find your CALLING! And begin a new chapter of your life! by DFMcKeever
Find your CALLING! And begin a D. F. McKeever
Extract from The Entrepreneur-White Ball Thinking by D.F. McKeever
What's Holding You Back from Starting Over? by BCaviarrr
What's Holding You Back from Ben Caviar
If you want to stop drifting and start designing your life, you are in the right place. For more details, go to: Tags: goa...
Making the Sun Rise by Yomiuri77
Making the Sun Riseby Al Martin
A family full of concealed hate and secrets where keeping up appearances is an innate skill. A blooming and complicated identity. A dream to follow.
Setting Goals for a Satisfying Life by BCaviarrr
Setting Goals for a Satisfying Lifeby Ben Caviar
If you want to stop drifting and start designing your life, you are in the right place. For more details, go to: Tags: goa...
ink to pen to paper by 0bookmadgirl0
ink to pen to paperby enya
a compilation of poems and such over the course of my teenage years. so lets just sit and vibe for a little bit. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy any part of this work.
Do you practice Positive Thinking? by DFMcKeever
Do you practice Positive Thinking?by D. F. McKeever
Do you know how to control your own mind? Do you allow social media to influence your moods and emotions? Would you like to learn more about mindfulness?
Spark in the darkness (Inspired by Why Don't We) by Elik128
Spark in the darkness (Inspired Elik128
"Live for me. Please." Sometimes it's hard to abide the promise you made. The life of 17-year old Emma gets excruciating when her beloved two years younger bro...
How To Use Intention To Craft Your Perfect Life | Robert Richman by ferickkimz
How To Use Intention To Craft ferickkimz
How ToSetting an intention for our lives is simple - and incredibly powerful. By simply creating a set vision of what we'd like to experience, our minds and bodies will...
Self by Kenuine
Selfby Kendra White
A collection of haiku's all for the self.