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MLB Oneshots by Miraculerbuggete
MLB Oneshotsby Bobby McBobberson
I do not own the characters~! "She wasn't perfect. But that's why he loved her." Miraculous LB oneshots, mostly targeted to ladynoir, adrienette, and marichat.
The Oneshot Book Of Aphid And Cat Furry by OofLoser69420
The Oneshot Book Of Aphid And Cat...by Aliyah Patrick
Hey this is a bunch of oneshots for the fandom The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir (Honestly i always just call it tales of ahpid and cat furry so not sure if...
Midnight Mishap (Miraculous) by Annular_Eclipse
Midnight Mishap (Miraculous)by Annular_Eclipse
One evening, an akuma puts both Marinette and Chat Noir under a trance, forgetting everything they were told not to do. The next week, Marinette finds herself pregnant a...
A City Of Love And Lies by ii_Nyxx_ii
A City Of Love And Liesby ii_ItzKatz_ii
Love can be an amazing thing or a lie to all. Both Marinette and Chat Noir have seen and felt the darkside of love and they think that is how their life will be. Until t...
Lover Girl -Felinette- by Wendol123
Lover Girl -Felinette-by Wendy
This story is just for fun. There was a girl known as lover girl. She was the schools biggest flirt. Boys would always come up to her and see if they could go on a date...
More Than A Brother by Wendol123
More Than A Brotherby Wendy
Dickinette fluff. Dick adopts Marinette and a lot happens. (Damian found out Bruce was his father at age seven). This story is cute but then dark. I can't think of a des...
My Gentleman -Pregnant AU- by Wendol123
My Gentleman -Pregnant AU-by Wendy
Felix comes to class as a new student since his mom got murdered. And after that he came to live with the Agreste's because he had no choice. He has to sit in the back w...
Help Me by SabriGalzerano
Help Meby Sabri Galzerano
Memories are the most precious thing we all have, the worst that can happen is losing them, I just need help to remember my own memories
To The MLB Universe! by frenchiest_fry_247
To The MLB Universe!by Brooklyn
Kathrine(kathy) and amulet are big miraculous ladybug fans, so when quarintine gets to their brains, they decide to pay the miraculous gang a visit. It's all part of kat...
Rotten to the Core - Descendants AU by shelbyecanwrite
Rotten to the Core - Descendants AUby Shelbye
"Opposites are not always contradictions, they can be complementary." - Steven Redhead, Life is a Cocktail In times of crisis, it is often thought that simply...
Miraculous Salt by _Marionette_Puppet
Miraculous Saltby Goin Ghost
Bunch of salt one-shots for miraculous ladybug Includes: Lila Salt, Alya Salt, Class Salt, Chloe Salt, Bustier Salt
Among the mad by DoRandomThings
Among the madby DoRandomThings
She saw the guy pull a gun out of his pocket and aim it at his temple. Marinette gasped for it was as if she was at once moving in slow motion, she wanted to reach out...
NORMAL DAYS IN PARIS by ShauryaNagpal4
Marinette is the most beautiful girl in the whole france . She is a model also , she has voillet eyes that no one has seen before and they do not match to any of the fam...
Miraculous Ship Oneshots by GlitterSparkles4Life
Miraculous Ship Oneshotsby Sparkle
This book is just going to be filled with cute and funny oneshots about our favourite ships. WEEKLY UPDATES Ships: Marichat Ladynoir Adrienette Ladrien Alino Adrikitty J...
Short Stories by MoonyTheWitch
Short Storiesby Moon
This is a one-shot/mini story book that will contain fandoms I won't write enough about to give them a book of their own, and for original stories. ❦Fandoms this may/wi...
the sad truth of life by kawaiikillerkitty8
the sad truth of lifeby kawaiikillerkitty8
Marinette'dad dies her new step dad abuses her and chloe blackmail all her classmates into bullying her. Poor marinette
My Chaton by ii_Nyxx_ii
My Chatonby ii_ItzKatz_ii
Something happens in the past but nobody remembers what happened, except a certain Chat Noir. Every Parisian has been whisked away into this new world, Parisa, and now p...
Made-Up Miraculouses by fitzphieshipper123
Made-Up Miraculousesby Saniya Singh
This is just some miraculouses that my sister and I made up. If you have a miraculous you want me to add,miraculous tell me all the details. (miraculous, kwami, kwami's...
ALPHA - Miraculous Ladybug Story by AbiAgreste
ALPHA - Miraculous Ladybug Storyby Abby
Allegrapriya Rajesh is a 15 year old girl. She's recently moved to France with her new family. Her adoptive parents were very kind but strict people. She has a stepbroth...