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Some random DJ stuff by Wallspoonthefangirl
Some random DJ stuffby Gay panic
Basically a crapton of...well...random DJ stuff. (THIS BOOK CONTAINS SHIPS)
Y/N was an orphan for years cause he wasn't wanted just because he couldn't speak like the other kids. But one that all changed when a women in a white cloak came to the...
Weird artbook by jennystarbright
Weird artbookby Vanilla Sketch
Give me one thing about my life (Don't mind new cover it's just a drawing that my friend did for me.)
EDM Imagines  by AAAhockey
EDM Imagines by AAAhockey
A book filled of DJs Imagines
💕Not Alone💕(Marshmello x reader) by VodkaFace69
💕Not Alone💕(Marshmello x reader)by VodkaFace69
A huge celebrity gets his traveling plans mixed up and gets stuck in a small town with a normal girl named (Y/n). (Y/n) is a huge fan of him. He ends up being stuck ther...
Alan Walker X Marshmello by Silbermond12345
Alan Walker X Marshmelloby someone
The young music producer Christopher Comstock also known as Marshmello studies at a university in L.A. His friend Alan Walker comes to visit him again after a long time...
Alone || Marshmello X Reader || by Fandom_Creator105
Alone || Marshmello X Reader ||by Fandom_Creator105
You were awoken by a shaking force. You opened your heavy eyes to see a tall man hovering above you. He was wearing the same thing as you besides the ripped jeans. "...
Marshmello x reader by BreezeMello
Marshmello x readerby BreezeMello
You collapse when meeting marshmello in a concert and he makes sure your ok. You get taken back to his house so he can see how you are doing and you stay the night. Mars...
HIM (Alan Walker & Marshmello X Reader) by Greentea1atte
HIM (Alan Walker & Marshmello X Koreangurl
°•'*'×I know I'm not alone.*ו°°•' *-°^•I'm so alone_'*°•°'^° Two famous DJ's in love with the same girl.(y/n). There's something so charming about her that drawn them...
Marshmello X Reader by Actually_PewDiePie
Marshmello X Readerby PewDiePie
This is a fanfiction of Marshmello x reader (aka you if you didn't know) Y/n = your name
Rolling Sky - Info & Stories by Dapezo
Rolling Sky - Info & Storiesby Dapezo
English: A book where i'll be posting multiple stories, facts and basically anything that is related to one of the best mobile games ever, published by Cheetah Mobile: R...
Remnants DJ (RWBY X Marshmello Male Reader) by ClayMan2018
Remnants DJ (RWBY X Marshmello ClayStation
Y/N L/N AKA Marshmello attends beacon. His parents died at a young age and is living with his uncle. He doesn't talk to anyone except his uncle. He gets bullied because...
Stupid shenanigans  by jennystarbright
Stupid shenanigans by Vanilla Sketch
Heya guys it's me i'll just post some oneshots from various fandoms. (I just deleted my old book cause some personal reasons.)
Mellowalker/Marshwalker One-Shots by Wallspoonthefangirl
Mellowalker/Marshwalker One-Shotsby Gay panic
Just some random Marshmello x Alan Walker scenarios I came up with. Have fun, fangirls.
Random Short Stories And Scenarios by Walker_45674
Random Short Stories And Scenariosby Walker_45674
a bunch of random stories and scenarios that i come up with in my spare time... enjoy (if you can enjoy shit like this)
Marshmello X Reader BOOK: 2 by BreezeMello
Marshmello X Reader BOOK: 2by BreezeMello
This is a continuation of book 1 (marshmello X Reader) I recommend you read the first book to understand and enjoy this book better. Thanks for all the reads from the fi...
The Remix of You + Me by ThatOne_SepticMello
The Remix of You + Meby 💗Ana💗
A Marshmello x reader story!!! Hope you all enjoy! ***************** "Wanna talk some time?" He asked me. I looked at him and responded. "Sure!" He t...
The Norwegian Boy(Alan Walker x Marshmello Fanfic) by nick_the_brick
The Norwegian Boy(Alan Walker x Dominic Anggara
Hey this is Nick, this is gonna be my first wattpad story so I hope you guys would enjoy it and its an honor if you guys could follow me anyways, thank you.
You sure?  (Matthias x reader)||OVER by nutella_idk
You sure? (Matthias x reader)|| nutella_idk
This is my first ever story on this app so it may be bad. This will contain: Spelling mistakes Bad grammar Ps.Comment on the chapter you read and tell my your opinion...
Meant to be! (Alan Walker x Marshmellow)//Very slow updates... by purple2pandas
Meant to be! (Alan Walker x Panda
Just read the title... Best rank: #1 in Marshmello Cover picture credits: Alan Walker's photo~Karla on Amino Marshmello's photo~Art Shark on MediBang! Edit~ ME...