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Tolerating Mr Popular. by zeeleemah
Tolerating Mr zakariyah haleemah
{completed}. Emma is the new girl in town which makes it difficult for her to fit in. And she promised herself to hate her school Mr popular after he called her a slut...
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In love with the Maid     by KrissyWilliams704
In love with the Maid by Krissy Williams
Sarah a young maid didn't have it easy working for the Sander's, she and the young heir, Nathan Sander fell deeply in love. but mr. Sander the master of the palace woul...
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Wattpad Block Party Author Interviews- SUMMER EDITION by kriskosach
Wattpad Block Party Author Kris Kosach
Interviews with the authors behind the #KellyAnneBlount hosted anthology series #WattpadBlockParty #SummerEdition.
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Life Poems, Midnight Thoughts by jwhite3439
Life Poems, Midnight Thoughtsby jwhite3439
Even if you think your overreacting, still speak up. You might be saving someone's life. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Some over come there problems, some are...
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Daydreamer by Yoboshi
Daydreamerby Yoboshi
Are you one of those teenage girls who're drooling over the pictures of hot celebrities in your phone? Gawking over hunk men in the movies? Gone mad while listening to a...
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A fool's Love by LadyLike82
A fool's Loveby LadyLike82
Layla has always put her all in any and everything she does,especially a man. After being hurt, torn, and almost emotionally destroyed, she vowed to never put herself ou...
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Twins Switched Places by dtionie
Twins Switched Placesby Tionie Clarke
Maya Meet Maya , 17 years old in her last year of high school. She lives in West Hill the poorer part of the New York with her mom, Anny.She is loving, kind and always...
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Suyuan by nalen_07
Suyuanby Junalen Acopio💕
mapapaisip ka, may misteryo sa likod nito.
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Deleting The Memories by ItzShanShan
Deleting The Memoriesby Itz Shan Shan
Asha is an 18 years old girl attending college. She struggles with depressions and anxiety attacks and bad flashbacks because of her past....but she's not alone...Her b...
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DESTINE MATES by swthrt98
DESTINE MATESby sweetheart me
no one can take your place in my heart, that void is reserved for u & only u , its a romantic story .. two strangers met all of a sudden become friends, more than frien...
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CAPTURED- An Alternative Theory by shivangi9sharma
CAPTURED- An Alternative Theoryby Shivangi Sharma
These chapters consist of an alternative ending to the story Captured by @KellyAnneBlount. After what happened at the lake between Abriana and Alexa, the author left the...
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The Girl I Met 💭 by KanwalKhizar
The Girl I Met 💭by Kanwal Khizar
This story is about a 16 year old girl who met a girl at her new school and they become besties . Want to know what happened next go through the story!
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❤IN LOVE AGAIN❤by Sophia Endaline
MEET SARAH; The star student of the medical institute of New York, she gets straight A's in all courses without even trying so much as batting an eye lid .Call her nerd...
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The Write Conference (SummerCon 2016) by The_Write_Place
The Write Conference (SummerCon The_Write_Place
Welcome to The Write Conference (Summer 2016) here on Wattpad. The event is aimed at motivating writers in the Wattpad community who aspire to walk the career path of wr...
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A Scary Short Story by denaec8888
A Scary Short Storyby denaec8888
Maybe we should go to bed on time, Caleb wished he would never have waken up.
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Torn Between Two Worlds...TBTW™ by esoaROMANCE
Torn Between Two Worlds...TBTW™by Sophia Endaline
He coaxed her teasingly and bit her lower lip before she opened her mouth to let his tongue in. They kissed until they were out of breath before they pulled away from e...
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Ellis And Elly by florogun
Ellis And Ellyby florogun
In a country where a parent are allowed to have two children only, a woman gave birth to twins girls named Ellis and Elly. After having a son named Davis. Elly was bett...