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The Story Of My Life by tessmariewrites
The Story Of My Lifeby Tessa Marie Gauthier
"That person who helps others simply, because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed, without a doubt, a real superhero"...
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Lucian in 2020 by continuingezria
Lucian in 2020by SpreadTheLucianLove
Love fills the room when Ian Harding and Lucy Hale reunite in 2019/2020. You're about to find out what they do after work, their days off, holidays and other events. The...
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Sex and The City  ⁽ᶜᵃˢᵗ ᶜᵃˡˡ⁾ by urbanoriginals
Sex and The City ⁽ᶜᵃˢᵗ ᶜᵃˡˡ⁾by j.francé 💫
GIRLFRIENDS who are INSECURE just making money and living life dealing with SEX AND THE CITY.
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THE CW "Katy Keene" Writing Contest [CLOSED] by ChickLit
THE CW "Katy Keene" Writing Contes...by ChickLit and Women's Fiction
Wattpad is teaming up with The CW and #KatyKeene to get you ready for the newest show from the creators of Riverdale through an exciting writing contest. Read more for...
Serenity: Behind the Perfect Colorful Mask. by FlawlessPeace777
Serenity: Behind the Perfect Color...by FlawlessPeace777
"See me for me, not for what I bring".
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When a Miracle happens   by Megan_3123
When a Miracle happens by Megan_3123
Colby goes to a party and thinks he meets his forever girl, But after she gives birth she doesn't want the kid and leaves Colby all alone. Him being only 21 in LA and a...
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Falling for Jace Beckham  by Jerri_W_
Falling for Jace Beckham by JERRI R
In a small town near Texas, Mai'a is a 16 year old girl who was diagnosed with bipolar at age 15. She see's everything differently from everyone else in the world. Mai'a...
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Arlenis's Dreams [SHORT STORY] by yonaromes
Arlenis's Dreams [SHORT STORY]by Yona Romes
"Dreams are limitless. I am and you are too." - Arlenis Anders
Purple  by archiekinsxronnie
Purple by archiekinsxronnie
In a world where you see no color until you meet your soulmate. The night Veronica and Archie met, they start seeing Purple.
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Ezria FanFic by continuingezria
Ezria FanFicby SpreadTheLucianLove
Okay, so a couple of years ago, I used to write down my own Ezria scenes in this notebook I had. And just a week ago, I found the notebook....I read it all and I'm like...
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The Lost Children by Errorakaice
The Lost Childrenby ll~Archie Barns~ll
For 3 years straight, all kids that turned 11 would suddenly disappear and would be replaced with paper white dolls wearing the same color clothes but their eyes are wha...
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Daddy? by Derberaer5441
Daddy?by Derberaer5441
A cruel hateful and just plain mean slytherin that easily dominates A beautiful kind hurt and gentle hufflepuff that is naturally submissive. What ever will happen when...
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The First Laugh by sandydragon1
The First Laughby sandydragon1
Amateur comedian Nora performs at a comedy club for the first time. With nervousness, a tough crowd, and a new prosthetic arm to deal with, will she leave her audience l...
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Finally behind the curtain... by JoannaKurczak
Finally behind the curtain...by JoannaKurczak
The air around her sizzled, filled with anticipation of what was about to take place. The place vibrated with the energy of the audience of a thousand hearts ready to wa...
My Original Plan by melanie_thereader
My Original Planby Melanie Cardona
This short story represents the original plan I had for my future. That was until I rediscovered my passion for writing. *** All Rights Reserved © Melanie Cardona, 2020
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Life So Far by moondance2214
Life So Farby moondance2214
This is a fairly short 800 word story covering my life to this point. Though I do not fully discuss my dreams in here I do talk about things I'll have to overcome before...
INSTAGRAM ~ MJ story by jacksonkid101
Its just insta
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Dream On Little Birdie by RileyBlack_Jesus
Dream On Little Birdieby ɘɒM ɘɒM
"Dream on" Big dreams can be terrifying. Like stage fright. What if all it took to get over a fear, was just doing it over and over again? This is my entry for...
My Dream's of the Future World That I Call Mine by PuppyLoveIsForLosers
My Dream's of the Future World Tha...by 💛Baaaaaa- doink💛
My biggest dreams in now little book. Follow the story of the horrible beginning of a great ending for a teen-age girl with bad luck and big dreams.
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Is it possible? (#KatyKeene Writing Contest Entry) by username_taken15
Is it possible? (#KatyKeene Writin...by ♡
Even though no one is in your corner or everything is trying to stop you, is it possible to still follow your dreams? •Oneshot• [Cover by @noa_S_ ] Posted: Feb. 22, 2020...