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Life as BLACKPINK's 5th member by hwxngyeji
Life as BLACKPINK's 5th memberby Yeji’s Lover
This will follow Lee Lariza's life as BLACKPINK's 5th member. It will include inspired outfits most made by me, her Instagram, life as an idol, friends, debuting, ships...
Puzzle 🧩 ( Jennie x female reader)  by holy_water13
Puzzle 🧩 ( Jennie x female Holy water
This story is about a kpop group which is under THEBLACKLABLE and their leader has some exciting stuff happening in her love live. - have fun reading this story
Jane Im by igotkpoopsss
Jane Imby igotnojams
when Im sisters, secretly audition but one left the company, so that the other would debut. find out ;)
LUNA||BLACKPINK'S 5TH MEMBER by leminuitthoughts
"Underestimate me, that will be fun." Credits to all the owners of the pictures that I used.
8th member of BTS [Finished]✔️ by pinmogaa
8th member of BTS [Finished]✔️by Moga
A girl that tired with her life but she can make everything better. 7 men's who made this girl life much warmer and safer. #3 - 8thmemberofbts ( Oct.4.2018 ) #1 - 8thm...
WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! - Chanyeol X Sejeong FANFIC by real__bu
"... 결혼하자 , ..우리 .." (...gyeolhonhaja, uri) "...Let's get married,.." ::: 》Description: • Story Title: "We are getting Married"...
Secretly Married To Kim Teahyung by NoreenNaseem
Secretly Married To Kim Teahyungby KPOP FAN
when Blackpink Jennie parents ask her to marry someone because of their grandparents' promise who will be her husband? Will she tell her bandmates? how will she react w...
HY Entertainment by pink_multi
HY Entertainmentby Han Yerin
You want that kpop body? * Do you want to be ready for that kpop audition? * A guideline to show you through the life of a kpop trainee at home? * Then welcome to HY...
seventeen's 14th member by hiqhlightsvt
seventeen's 14th memberby seventeen
li junsui is seventeen's 14th member
World treasure (Kpop ff) by Chloe4340
World treasure (Kpop ff)by Lil_strawberry
This is a story about a girl named Ha-na,Hana is beautie member that everyone adore she's actor,idol,model,Influencer,producer,composer,directing,Mentor,she is known wor...
୨⎯ Popular ⎯୧ by girinotfound
୨⎯ Popular ⎯୧by girija k
Aria, a member of a rookie group "Charms" under PK Entertainment. This is the story about her pursuing her dream of becoming a k-pop idol.
Road to becoming an idol by btspink777
Road to becoming an idolby btspink777
Story of bts and blackpink before becoming idols Continue reading in the youtube video,in the media part
Kpop Relatables√ by VMiN_iS_lIFe
Kpop Relatables√by ❤Xhim❤
Kpop kpop is in my life? Just read this...enjoy!
ᴍɪxᴛᴀᴘᴇ: ʀᴇᴀᴄʜ ʏᴏᴜ ੈ✩‧₊˚ by bianotbia
ᴍɪxᴛᴀᴘᴇ: ʀᴇᴀᴄʜ ʏᴏᴜ ੈ✩‧₊˚by bianotbia
Kamiya Haru is the maknae of the rising kpop girl group Starway. Hwang Hyunjin is a visual arts student at Korea National University of Arts Being the #1 Starway fanboy...
Success by SwtYerianna
Successby Yeri ssi
This is a fiction story of a member of the group "Twilight" Li An. A 20 years old girl who trained for 4 years...
My Life Addiction  by lady_Everlee
My Life Addiction by Its_just_Kai
My Life As A Multi Kpop Fan Based on My Real Life Story as a Kpop Fan
SadㅡBoygroup  by -TCEILS
SadㅡBoygroup by wonu😍
❝To be with you,hi we are 2bwu❞
Hidden In Our Gaze(BTS JJK) by ljbleyk
Hidden In Our Gaze(BTS JJK)by LJBleyk
"I love to hate you. But then again I hate to love you too" Jeon Jungkook is your longest crush and he loves to ruin everything. What happens when you decide t...
{ BLACKPINK 5TH MEMBER } by _starstars