memes  by explicitbieberz
memes by al
Fatty slut fags
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Jariana: One Less Tear Left To Cry by cutieje_
Jariana: One Less Tear Left To Cryby Jessica🥀
Jariana Fanfiction (Coming Soon)
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 Chemistry | j.d.b by al2ssa
Chemistry | j.d.bby Alessa
Melissa Herrera no longer believes in love and is isolating herself from boys because of what happened in her past. While Alex Cruz, a south- sider, is tempted to chang...
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Wifi Needed メ j.b by sentrawrites
Wifi Needed メ j.bby 💸
justinbieber started following you justinbieber liked your photo justinbieber liked your photo justinbieber liked your photo justinbieber liked your photo justinbieber l...
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𝓹𝓵𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓽 by weanlity
𝓹𝓵𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓽by 𝙻𝙰𝙸𝙽𝚈
czyli piosenki, które u w i e l b i a m .
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Shattered Heart.  by Skyeslyebranch
Shattered Heart. by Skyeslyebranch
Jason Drew McCann.... The 16 year old boy who was put in jail for committing dozens of crimes. The boy who I called my best friend. He escaped from prison last Friday...
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BET U WISH // JB by luvdicks
BET U WISH // JBby feel insane
Elle faisait son boulot de tous les jours dans les rues sombres de New-York, soit vendre des produits illicites conçue par sa famille. Entre un parfait monde selon les...
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Live a Little by Gayisok94
Live a Littleby Jay=Gay
"You just come back here... back here in to my life and just expect me to forgive you. No that's not how it works Jason." He looks at me with no emotion as he...
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Crimen En Acción by SandraRamirez10
Crimen En Acciónby SandraRamirez10
Ahí estábamos los seis escuchando cual seria el siguiente movimiento,el siguiente enfrentamiento,la siguiente orden. Seis delincuentes buscados por toda la policía de el...
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My Ex's Best Friend by RuteBizzle
My Ex's Best Friendby Miss Gomez
Uma rapariga de 16 anos, simples com confusões na cabeça, problemas de família, falta de confiança mas acima de tudo forte e corajosa. Sempre metida em problemas sem da...
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who are you? ~ Jason McCann fanfiction by merthecarebear
who are you? ~ Jason McCann fanfic...by bizzleslut
"I wonder what she's thinking, would she run away if I showed her everything? No no.. she wouldn't. She would never run away from me. I would never let her." A...
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Purity ~ Jdb by moonlightbeamz
Purity ~ Jdbby M A D E L Y N
"I wish there was a manual on how to corrupt a church boy." ~~~~~~~~~ In which a histrionic, spoiled girl with the desire to wreak havoc attempts to break the...
  • religion
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  • interracial
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UYUMSUZ | Daddy Issues by ThePoine
UYUMSUZ | Daddy Issuesby ThePoine
"Eğer onlar acıyı saklamak için odanda yaptığın şeyleri gerçekten bilselerdi, bahse girerim ki düşünceleri değişebilirdi."
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Alenaa by barryallen1243
Alenaaby barryallen1243
Alena Gomez Selena's twin sister moves in with her catching the eyes of a few male popstars one including to be justin bieber
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Power Trip by JT4Ever
Power Tripby JT4Ever
Justin's hair. One of the many things you loved about him. There's was something about his hair that turned you on. The way it felt when you ran your fingers through it...
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songs by -itslxrrybae
songsby that's my louis.
ahora en inglés.
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song lyrics  by biebershails
song lyrics by papi
my favorite lyrics from my favorite songs
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Instagram//1D Kids  by Anna_Hood01
Instagram//1D Kids by Anna Hood
Lauren Darcy Styles is 19 years old, she has green eyes, long curly brown hair, and she is 5'4"... She likes Liam's son named Bear Nicolas Payne...
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Fake sms- Justin Bieber by user60077599
Fake sms- Justin Bieberby Wiki
jak każdy to i ja :))
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