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Cooking for Love by nikitaunam
Cooking for Loveby yeahtheweirdone
"Hi, I'm Stuart, and what I have for you today is-" "Stop, just stop." Grumpy Eyebrows interrupted. "That is honestly the worst looking Pasta Pr...
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Running in Circles by spacedreamed
Running in Circlesby winter Jade ❆
to start over on a clean slate was all that Dylan Jury wanted. he had never liked himself and he got that feeling that nobody else liked him either. there was only one t...
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I Am Eden by Zigginz
I Am Edenby Zigginz
Erin Sallow was meant to be pink when she was born. She wasn't meant to be a nasty shade of blue because everything was going a little bit wrong and she wasn't meant to...
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TRUTH AND LIES by Sxamixx67
TRUTH AND LIESby SamiiCCreates :3
Things are going great for Caleb Coleman he has good grades, a few friends, (but he is very shy and can be sassy sometimes) loving parents, and a roof over his head. Wha...
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Queer Royale by greysonroyale
Queer Royaleby Greyson
Ares - Lead singer, trans guy, cat lover, hair dye enthusiast Wynter - Guitarist, trans woman, badass Harley - Drummer, nonbinary, makeup artist Myles - Bassist, gay, ta...
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My Angel by appleandrain345
My Angelby Erin Waters
Erin Waters has always been moving. So when her parents decides this would be their home forever. Erin can't help but feel sad. One day she meets Angel Castillo whom she...
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The Secret Person (The Phone Number) by KaiTayler_2o19
The Secret Person (The Phone Kai Tayler
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beautiful little fools by orphic-dreams
beautiful little foolsby v
a girl who has been battered finds solace in another girl who is willing to love her with all the seven colors of freedom.
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The Ebony Haired Girl {GxG} by GoingOutRN
The Ebony Haired Girl {GxG}by RadioDust🏳️‍🌈
"Her ebony hair swayed, mine was just pure brown." • • • • • Top: Keva Bottom: Naomi • • Created: 11-7-19 Ended: ??-??-?? • Created by: GoingOutRN
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Breaking Character by EastIsNotUp
Breaking Characterby EastIsNotUp
When bad boy, Ivan Hurley, gets detention for pranking a cheerleader, he thinks nothing of it. When the captain of the football team, Cole Olster, gets detention for sl...
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Winter Wonderland (BxB) by Bornwiththemist
Winter Wonderland (BxB)by Bornwiththemist
Anthony James, a freshman engineering student at MIT couldn't wait to get away from all the stress of college during winter break. It just so happens that his family pla...
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Emotional by Character_Question
Emotionalby Question
Yanamarie has never felt any emotions. None. Nada. Nope. And she plans to stays this way, despite the fact that she's a lifeless shell without emotions. That is, until s...
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Higher Education [coming in 2020!] by Anthony_Auswat
Higher Education [coming in 2020!]by Anthony Auswat
In this sinister gay thriller, a college freshman attempts to forget about his troubled past by focusing on his new life far away from home. But when someone close to hi...
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Soft and Tender by apricots_s
Soft and Tenderby sarah_s_malin
Roy Blanche does not do relationships. But after a chance encounter─with the new part-timer(Jeremy Dahl) from the bookstore across the street─he has started to believe o...
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Saving North [BxB] by wateringthesun
Saving North [BxB]by ☆⁺˚✧˚⁺☆
Kaydence Mason, an openly feminine and gay senior in a small town, has to deal with the pressures of love and friendships in a world of drugs, sex, trauma, and North Lan...
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Aurora | Harry Potter by catchkeep
Aurora | Harry Potterby Elle
Daire Graves never wanted to go to Hogwarts. She's been just fine trading magic on the black market. But when Minerva Mcgonagall shows up on her doorstep, begging her ex...
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