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Poems of the Atmos by Naan2015
Poems of the Atmosby Naan2015
Random thoughts from different moments on various things for infinite reasons. Best Rankings so far: - 22nd May, 2019: 1/8.62k stories in #philosophy - 22 May, 2019: 8/7...
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Enough | ✓ by bateaux
Enough | ✓by kell
All it takes is one voice. Written for Telus - WE Day. #EndBullying Copyright © k.s. lynch 2018
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#EndBullying by AvaViolet
#EndBullyingby Jessica Cunsolo
This is a commissioned story by TELUS and Wattpad about my experience with bullying, and how others have helped get me through it, including you, the reader. Check out t...
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Ghosts by donutinaa
Ghostsby chris(teeny)tina
In which a dead girl and a psychopomp find out what she could've been.
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They Call It Pain ✓ by TahliePurvis
They Call It Pain ✓by Tahlie
"the feeling comes back, they call it pain, I call it reality." [Commissioned by TELUS for their #EndBullying comment contest]
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MAP_OF_THE_SOUL:PERSONA (UPDATES) by babybunnykookoo
MAP_OF_THE_SOUL:PERSONA (UPDATES)by lalaine a. villagomez
MAP_OF_THE_SOUL:PERSONA updates for all army's To keep in update with the new album of bts MV songs concept photos teasers comeback schedule Lyrics(Korean/englis...
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The Fairy Tale Syndrome by ChristinaAnnRiley
The Fairy Tale Syndromeby Christina Ann Riley
What do you get when you have a somewhat delusional Prince Charming and a demented Cinderella with a dark past? Chaos and hilarity, of course. Josh O'Connor first met Ru...
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TELUS #EndBullying  Short Story Challenge by TELUS
TELUS #EndBullying Short Story Ch...by TELUS
Wattpad is proud to team up with TELUS for our fifth year to fight against bullying with a Story Contest! Join team #EndBullying and read for details.
BULLIEDby J.B. Kantt ♥️
Bullying is a very serious issue that effects the lives of many. I hope that by many of us sharing our personal stories, it will not only help victims realize that they...
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My Poems by NevrSarcastic
My Poemsby NevrSarcastic
Several of the poems that I've written.
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B U L L I E D- COMPLETED ✔ by GreenGirl321
"Do us all a favor and stop breathing." People will get bullied at least once in their life. But for these people, it's everyday. They get hurt, mistreated, bu...
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Rememberance by BlakeWhite7
Rememberanceby Blake White
High School girl leaves a mark on a special group of friends, but leaves her heart with one particular boy. Destiny has lived with depression following the sudden passin...
Behind the Perfect girl by Amiratuoo
Behind the Perfect girlby Amina Umzak
Maybe the Perfect girl isn't just perfect she has a story to tell, so much hidden behind her perfection. Perfection and Elegance are what everyone sees in Meredith, a Hi...
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BULLIED 2 by JBKantt
BULLIED 2by J.B. Kantt ♥️
This is the continuation of my anti-bullying project, BULLIED. Bullying is a very serious issue that effects the lives of many. I hope that by many of us sharing our per...
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You Are Not Alone #EndBullying by AnnaAlbo
You Are Not Alone #EndBullyingby Anna Albo
This is the story about my bully, Jeff. He bullied me every day for two years and although it was a long time ago, there are days I remember it so vividly. My story also...
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Stop Making Fun of Foreign Last Names by 3pointt14
Stop Making Fun of Foreign Last Na...by 3.141592653589
Stop laughing. Foreign last names are not a joke.
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|| The Special || by Lonelysolo
|| The Special ||by Parzival
Thursday after school, fate came knocking on Max's door. Or, rather, honking loudly outside of it. A hero's call to action usually has some epic music, maybe a catchy...
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#End Bullying by hannah102344
#End Bullyingby Δ ℓιℓ иɛғιℓιвαтα
For the Telus contest. This is a topic I hold dear to my heart because no one should be treated the way a bully treats their victim. <3
Just A Teardrop Away by icebearfeels
Just A Teardrop Awayby just uwu
🔏11 in #spreadpositivity read the introductory chapters, you decides if you wanna hop on or hop off along this never-ending paths. its a story about a doctor and a lawy...
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The Worst Feeling in Life by ROKI_DA
The Worst Feeling in Lifeby HEY YOU
Maybe you know what it is...
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