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Demi-Wizard Percy Jackson by UrLocalFan
Demi-Wizard Percy Jacksonby LB
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON (RICK RIORDAN) OR HARRY POTTER (J.K ROWLING). Ten-year-old Percy Jackson is an orphan. On his eleventh birthday, Poseidon visited...
(PLANCE AND KATT) Percy Jackson And Voltron Crossover  by 11938c
(PLANCE AND KATT) Percy Jackson Gimme Snaxx
This is where Voltron somehow ends up in the Percy Jackson Universe, ship requests open
New camper by cabin3resident
New camperby cabin3resident
This has been an idea in my head for a long time so I figured why not share it with you guys (there will be some pg-13 language fyi) P.s. Y/n is the daughter of Poseidon...
Percy Jackson Roleplay (OPEN) by Ashley987987
Percy Jackson Roleplay (OPEN)by Ashley987987
Brought to you by a fellow camper @Ashley987987 I present to you Percy Jackson roleplay! Come one come all it's going to a super fun ride! Featuring your favorite Demigo...
Poseidon Club by poseidonclub
Poseidon Clubby Poseidon Cabin
This is the club. Look in side for details. For Poseidon kids only.
Percy Jackson: Capture the Flag and Spiders Oh My by SophiaDreemurr4
Percy Jackson: Capture the Flag Peridot
a fanfic for a percy jackson deviantart group's daily prompt event.
Cabin 3: Poseidon by CampHalfBlood_CHB
Cabin 3: Poseidonby Camp Half Blood
For Poseidon kids only.
The New Campers by nico_angelo_13
The New Campersby daughter_of_Hades
Percy and Annabeth just heard from Chiron, there are 3 kids suspected to be a demigod around New York. When they go and get them, they notice they are a part of a deadly...
Daughter of Posedion by i2live2through2books
Daughter of Posedionby i2live2through2books
Emily Waters thought her life was completely normal. Until the day of her, and her twin brother's, 12th birthday. Strange things start happening, unexplainable things. W...
Aria Gray, the daughter of Poseidon (a Percy Jackson fanfiction) by bands_demigod_books
Aria Gray, the daughter of Alex
Aria Gray was just a normal person, dealing with adhd and dyslexia and her toxic homelife. She got kicked out of every school and she also got bullied by the other kids...
Diary of a Demigod by WritingIsASuperpower
Diary of a Demigodby WritingIsASuperpower
Julie Anne Chase Jackson. 15-year-old daughter of Annabeth Chase Jackson and Perseus Jackson. Legacy of Athena and Poseidon. Wait! What?! This takes place 25 years after...