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Saving What We Love- SEQUEL to Beyond the Stars by spideybelle_granger
Saving What We Love- SEQUEL to spideybelle_granger
Do not read if you don't want spoilers from The Rise of Skywalker or Beyond the Stars! Ben and Rey Solo are happily married. They love their peaceful afterlife they have...
A Song Of Light and Darkness - Book One: Dawn Of New Force  by rainyday0307
A Song Of Light and Darkness - AGirlHasNoName
After watching "The Rise of skywalker" , many of us have wondered what would have happened if Ben Solo had lived. Would he have been caught and imprisoned? Wou...
Beyond the Stars: A Continuation of The Rise of Skywalker; A Reylo Story by spideybelle_granger
Beyond the Stars: A Continuation spideybelle_granger
Do not read if you don't want spoilers from The Rise of Skywalker! Ending after the defeat of Emperor Palpatine, Rey is hoping to start a new chapter after the end of th...
Star Wars- In another Life. by BethanBallard
Star Wars- In another Bethan Ballard
What if the bond, the Dyad and the connection had started earlier. An AU interpretation of what the sequels could've been. #1 starwarssequels 15.10.20 #2 dyad 3.12.20 W...
Star Wars IX- The Rise of Skywalker by BethanBallard
Star Wars IX- The Rise of Skywalkerby Bethan Ballard
"We've passed on all we know. A thousand generations live in you now, but this is your fight." A familiar voice, Luke's, whispers. Luke Skywalker stands net...
Long for the Return (Reylo FanFic) by MattsCuteFriendSam
Long for the Return (Reylo FanFic)by BenAndReysKid
Rey never felt so alone ever since Ben has died. But instead of becoming a force ghost, Ben becomes linked to her life able to see and talk to her. Rey is desperate to g...
Kylo Ren ~ Imagines by xxlovelyfandomsxx
Kylo Ren ~ Imaginesby Allyssa
This book is a collection of Imagines about the amazing Kylo Ren. This book will include stories about all of the sequel movies. I will also try and include Ben solo. Th...
The World between Worlds by BethanBallard
The World between Worldsby Bethan Ballard
Where is Ben Solo? Rey headed to where she had trained in meditation with Leia. She sat crossed legged within the small clearing within the jungle trees of Ajan Kloss. B...
The Revival of The Force by writingwithberenice
The Revival of The Forceby Bérénice
After the big fight against Palpatine and the Final Order, there isn't any time to take a break. People need help all over the galaxy and a New System must be reestablis...
Reylo Oneshots by Belle_Solo
Reylo Oneshotsby Belle_Solo
A bunch of Oneshots of my OTP. May contain spoilers, I'm going to put a warning at the beginning of each chapter. Constructive criticism is welcome, unlike random hate...
7 pasos hasta ti by LaReinaCuervo1998
7 pasos hasta tiby LaReinaCuervo1998
La Fuerza sabe que se equivocó y le envía a la última Jedi un mensajero que le indicará el camino para recuperar a Ben. Sin embargo, Rey no estará sola durante su traves...
Give A Little by fandom_queenxx
Give A Littleby Mixlsw
Rey's the Resistance's top spy, sent on a mission to retrieve the only thing that can take down the First Order : a 22 million diamond. But when she bumps into Ben she f...
Purpose by sun_bum15
Purposeby sun_bum15
Kylo Ren x Reader Story You're a sheltered Princess who has enjoyed her life and it's simplicities until one evening Commander Ren and General Hux stop by for dinner. Th...
Beyond Time: A Reylo Fanfic by tatooine_mockingjay
Beyond Time: A Reylo Fanficby Leia Everdeen
After the Battle of Exegol and happy celebrations back at the Resistance HQ, Rey is still left in shambles after the death of her love, Ben. While beginning the new Jedi...
Compassion | Reylo by ardent_angels
Compassion | Reyloby Abigail💙
After TROS Reylo+Stormpilot What if the Force Dyad between Rey and Ben was enough to save them both? The war had always been about Rey and Kylo Ren from the very start...
The Empress and the Prince  by neekayReylo1703
The Empress and the Prince by neekay_Reylo17_2.0
"Rey Palpatine is her name" The Prince states looking out of over the balcony. "he was sweet,gentle and handsome" Rey palpatine said to her Grandpa ...
Journey To The World Between Worlds  by LadyArwenEvenStar
Journey To The World Between LadyArwenEvenStar
She could still feel him...Ben Solo, the man she loved. She could feel the connection they shared still alive though he were gone. But she couldn't find him, she'd searc...
S1E3 - Kira x Kylo  by starwarsimagines
S1E3 - Kira x Kylo by Star Wars Imagines
What does Kira Palpatine want from Kylo Ren? Read to find out
Be With Me《Reylo》 by LittleMiss_Dauntless
Be With Me《Reylo》by 《Ada》
~A Reylo one shot after The Rise of Skywalker ~ -An Alternate Ending- After the death of Ben Solo, Rey feels disconnected from the force. The galaxy is free, everyone's...