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Survivor • The Magicians by VRPond
Survivor • The Magiciansby Viola
"You think we were lucky? If we were lucky we would've died too." If you had asked Renada Garcia two weeks ago who she'd pick to be stranded on a desert island...
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Twisted Memories by TheBFFGirls
Twisted Memoriesby Ella & Chloe
"Bad Choices Make Good Stories." Dawn wasn't anyone's favourite vampire. Except her best friend, Fae's. But when Dawn proclaims an unspeakable offence agains...
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Enter My Written Contest Entries by AnnieStone420
Enter My Written Contest Entriesby A.J. Stone
Book of my contest entries
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Anima Ignis by wildmoonchild2256
Anima Ignisby Amanda M. Scott
Quinten, a magician in a world made of magic fights his worst enemy. The Beast whom has taken ahold of the darkness, killed what used to be Quentin's true love Alice. He...
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The Magicians | Fanfic by HsWho2902
The Magicians | Fanficby HsWho
this is one of the 39 times the world of the magicians has been reset, more specifically the 29th time, however a longer and fuller version of that. ...
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A to Z of Magic by IBLoud
A to Z of Magicby I.B. Loud
A stands for Aster and Z stands for Zelda. Once a gamer, always... In celebration of year passing since we all were waiting for the Top 10 for the Battle the Beast conte...
Where Are You Going? by IBLoud
Where Are You Going?by I.B. Loud
The space between all the versions of the Battle with the Beast.
The Magicians : The Answer by Ink-ie
The Magicians : The Answerby Nia
Quentin Coldwater is walking on campus and meets an interesting girl who seems more special than she seems , Is she the one to help stop the beast or is she a innocent t...
Death is Only the Beginning by IBLoud
Death is Only the Beginningby I.B. Loud
This story is the end of my alternate universal story of Quinton's Battle with the Beast and all it came to be.
Princess and the Viking by BellaMartinez19
Princess and the Vikingby Bella Martinez
Scotland has lost everything. Berk and Scotland in war, the land was burned and barren. Scotland under attack by dragons. Feeling sympathy and hopeless. But something ch...
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SoulCaliber: The Birth of the Leo Blade by IBLoud
SoulCaliber: The Birth of the I.B. Loud
Challenge is to create a 1,500 word short story telling us about one of the other times that Quentin and his friends battled the Beast. Some things should NOT be born.
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In Penny We Trust by IBLoud
In Penny We Trustby I.B. Loud
Challenge is to create a 1,500 word short story telling us about one of the other times that Quentin and his friends battled the Beast. Here's My Name is Luna from the p...
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The Daughter Of Ren - A Star Wars Story ✔️️ by KiraSolo
The Daughter Of Ren - A Star Kira Solo
1st Book In the "Rise Of Ren" Series Kira Has Been so Driven towards the dark, ever since her mother was killed, she has been taught the dark was the best for...
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Two Faced by Hatlye
Two Facedby YOLO
Mia, you would think she is a normal girl 17 year old girl just living in a normal world, that is what she also thinks at least, until she found herself walking through...
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Third Time's the Charm - A Top 🔟 in Syfy Channel's Contest! by paulapdx
Third Time's the Charm - A Top 🔟 Paula G.
I did it! Here's my entry for Syfy's #BattleTheBeast contest for the fabulous show The Magicians, based on the books created by the talented Lev Grossman! SUMMARY: Quent...
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My name is Luna by IBLoud
My name is Lunaby I.B. Loud
Challenge: create a 1,500 word short story telling us about one of the other times Quinton and his friends battled the Beast. I introduce Luna.
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Flummoxed by AnnieN9
Flummoxedby Annie
"Sometimes life is so strange, that it's marvelous. You wake up every day, go to school, then come back and study, then the same... And unexpectedly everything chan...
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#battlethebeast by JillianneWillett
#battlethebeastby Jillianne Willett
waaaay too late for the contest- I thought I had published it- I thought to go a different angle , as the 39 previous times, they never actually get to battle the beast...
The Magicians: Lost Gods (#BattletheBeast) by x-submarune-
The Magicians: Lost Gods ( submarune x-x
(Not an entry into the #BattletheBeast contest). Penny, in his trips to other worlds, stumbles upon one that houses an opportunity to summon a god. One that is trapped a...
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Battle the beast bitches by AnthonyModa
Battle the beast bitchesby Anthony Moda
A tale of greatness, deception and magic together in a short but violent scene