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REAPER. ( finnick odair ) by deanlicious
REAPER. ( finnick odair )by ˗ˏˋ ambitchious! ˎˊ˗
❛ she wore the touch of death like a crown and her tragedies like armor ❜ ( extended summary on the inside )...
The Mermaid by writeawayyourworries
The Mermaidby writeawayyourworries
The winner of the 68th Hunger Games, Marilla Lutz, is being thrown back into the arena years later to participate in the Quarter Quell, where the remaining victors are r...
SINKING [Finnick Odair] by prettylittleorig1nal
SINKING [Finnick Odair]by Ria-May
The first time Emeraude Cohen met Finnick Odair she was six. A little girl who admired the sunset upon the sea, the seemingly unbelievably tall boy who told her all abou...
Just Breathe for me *Finnick Odair Love Story* by BlackSkylar
Just Breathe for me *Finnick Odair...by Sky Black
Nalia Tides is a normal girl from District 4 until she is reaped into the 70th Hunger Games. Just out of Luck she becomes Victor with fame and glory. But it isn't that e...
No use crying over spilt blood. by CatherineLlama
No use crying over spilt blood.by CatherineLlama
"There's no one left that I love," "I'll try not to take that personally." Lucy Mason is Johanna Mason's younger sister and although they don't show...
Lost by MoElizabeth1018
Lostby Mo 💕
District thirteen managed to save both Katniss and Peeta, but Snow still captured one of Katniss' loved ones. Prim. Katniss is devastated. She demands that, along with...
The 75th Hunger games by Hungergamestribute05
The 75th Hunger gamesby Samantha
What If Katniss and Peeta never had to go back into the Hunger Games for the 75th Hunger games. This year they are taking 50 tributes from all the districts and 2 tribu...
twenty-five tributes by lindap14
twenty-five tributesby lindap14
The Parks and Snow family have been friends for years, which is why the 15 year old Audrey Parks also lives in the same palace as President Snow. One day, Audrey decides...
Against All Odds (Rewritten) by mediocre_writer921
Against All Odds (Rewritten)by A
It's that time of year again! The 75th annual Hunger Games is here! This year will be a very special year, however. Instead of two tributes, one boy and one girl, the t...
The Story I Call My Own - Hunger Games by xxAnxietyAndMarvelxx
The Story I Call My Own - Hunger G...by Parley
This is a story about how I think I would do in the hunger games. Please read! I used a different name btw I don't wanna use my real name. (Credit to Suzanne Collins) My...
Victorious ⏆ Finnick Odair by ridethehippogriff
Victorious ⏆ Finnick Odairby ridethehippogriff
History is written by the victors, so Nastasia Caso became one. She was 16 when she won the 68th hunger games. It had come as no surprise to the young girl. She was the...
Broken Bud  by doctorsdaredevil
Broken Bud by In a word chaos
Sam and Gale managed to win the games. Now they're in a whole new set of games. Sam managed to threaten the entire system with her words and her actions in the games. Sh...
Rue's experience  by katnisseverdeen126
Rue's experience by katnisseverdeen126
You go along on the journey as Rue, a 12 year old little girl from District 11 gets "reaped" for the 74th Hunger Games and travels to the Capital where she wil...
Gale's Daughter (A Hunger Games Story) by spiderpenguin
Gale's Daughter (A Hunger Games St...by Tess McMurry
Hey, my name is Ashlynn Hawthorne, but you can call me Ash. I live in District 4, I moved there with my mom after she and my Dad got a divorce when I was little. We've s...
Ashley blackchurch: finnick odair by shanicesoobroyen1
Ashley blackchurch: finnick odairby MockingjayofWCKD
Ashley has been drugged by her so called boyfriend alex and has woken up in the world of the hunger games...
Separated (Katniss+Peeta FanFic)  by leishz
Separated (Katniss+Peeta FanFic) by leishz
What if Katniss was taken by the capital and hijacked. What if Peeta was the mockingjay. Would Peeta be ale to survive without Katniss by his side. Would Katniss be able...
The Story I Call My Own - Hunger Games by BoyOfDarkness1307
The Story I Call My Own - Hunger G...by Marvel Obsession
This is a story about how I think I would do in the hunger games. Please read! I used a different name btw I don't wanna use my real name. (Credit to Suzanne Collins) My...
The 75th Hunger Games by bellalovesfoodd
The 75th Hunger Gamesby bellalovesfoodd
Well.. let's see what happens with this..
The Fall by SiriuslyPadfoott
The Fallby Hollie
A fanfic based on the hunger games. I'm bluebell. A 16 year old girl. I had 3 siblings, now 2. The nightmares are common but there going to get worse. I dreaded the rea...