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LOCKDOWN AT DH7 by Author0206
LOCKDOWN AT DH7by Author0206
One chaotic but smart class.. One of the most patient teachers you could meet. A lockdown. 150 men. A man with a knife. A RABID dog. More bad circumstances all in the ti...
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Misteri SK Peserai ( Kejadian Misteri ) by NazFaris
Misteri SK Peserai ( Kejadian Mist...by NazFaris
Cerita ini mengisahkan kejadian misteri di SK Peserai...
Shattered Hearts by ramzehx
Shattered Heartsby William Sharp
A young man that once operated as an assasin goes in an epic journey fighting world leaders, magicians, terrorists and the crisis of his heart.
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72 Hours | #Wattys2018 by mistakenveins
72 Hours | #Wattys2018by santhiya
[✓] in which a fan was chosen to experience her favourite artist's life, together with him. but, things take a different turn. ⋆ shawn mendes fanf...
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72 in His Name [PDF] by Ian Christie-Miller by mofelewo63011
72 in His Name [PDF] by Ian Christ...by mofelewo63011
Read 72 in His Name PDF by Ian Christie-Miller Academic Studies Press Listen to 72 in His Name: Reuchlin, Luther, Thenaud, Wolff and the Names of Seventy-Two Angels audi...
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72 Hours by i_am_ley
72 Hoursby i_am_ley
Short Story: Alexa is a 13 year old girl with a mental illness. In just 9 days she has a mental assessment to help both Alexa and her parents discover what she needs to...
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TALK TALK [JJK×SMC] by bananascorpio234
TALK TALK [JJK×SMC]by nicky.kim
Shin Min Chae ialah seorang pelajar yg menuntut di MELON HIGH SCHOOL. Dia mempunyai seorang Kakak angkat yg diberi nama Kim Ai Rin atau lebih dikenali sebagai Ryzz. Ryzz...
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Numbers Mean Everything  by RickyCarr
Numbers Mean Everything by Ricky Carr
This is a way for me to remember the good times in my life before my dad died. Also as a way for me to share how one man can mean so so much to a kid, when you take them...
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The Tree of Forgiveness by peachpit1
The Tree of Forgivenessby nova
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The Caravan of Hussain by miskabatool
The Caravan of Hussainby Miska Batool
This book of poetry Describes the incident of Karbala as how Imam Hussain started the journey with their Caravan from Medina and what Happened on Ashra (10th of Moharram...
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Why?! by girl0408
Why?!by Sandyy
True story..
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... by postingku1364
...by Natasya amalia Putri
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IN BETWEEN ROOM 71 & 72 (A short story) by unicas_pxxch
IN BETWEEN ROOM 71 & 72 (A short s...by Yannie x Ching
Story that began between two rooms. Room 71 & 72 📎Any copy distributed without author's permission is considered PLAGIARISM
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