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5SOS Imagines by retromalum
5SOS Imaginesby Izabella
I love to write about the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer in my free time. 5 Seconds of Summer imagines all originally from my Tumblr (stylesinthehallway.tumblr.com), but I...
5SOS Imagines|Preferences by hollysuee_
5SOS Imagines|Preferencesby Holly
Preferences/Imagines for the 4 "punk rock" nutcases...
5SOS Pregnancy Series by maisychains
5SOS Pregnancy Seriesby maisychains
A series of preferences dedicated to the boys as they deal with the pregnancies of their wives.
𝐈𝐋𝐎𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐎 - 5sos visual imagines book by potter_spellbook
𝐈𝐋𝐎𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐎 - 5sos visual imagi...by ☽
❝ HURRY, I'M WORRIED ❞ 5sos visual imagines book © potter_spellbook, 2020
5SOS Preferences by Doctor_Who_is_awsome
5SOS Preferencesby Kaylee Mae
The title says it all. I DO NOT take personal requests. If you want me to write a preference message me the preference(s) and I'll get on it. I (sadly) do not own the bo...
5sos Prefences by cosmicqueer
5sos Prefencesby Llama
random 5sos preferences hope you enjoy :)
5sos Oneshots and Imagines  by maddezz
5sos Oneshots and Imagines by maddy ;-;
5sos reader insert Oneshots :) Requests open!!
Pregnant-Sos? by Rookie_leisha
Pregnant-Sos?by Rookie_leisha
Little pregos with the dumbos.
5SOS prefs/imagines! by 5sosandthings
5SOS prefs/imagines!by 5SOS fan
Request anytime! 5SOS imagines and prefs here. <3
5SOS Preferences by _fromtheclouds
5SOS Preferencesby _fromtheclouds
Just a few 5SOS preferences/imagines :) We update when we can (hopefully more in the summer, after exams), feel free to request :) Enjoy;)
Ashton Irwin Preferences by drummerzknowwhatsup
Ashton Irwin Preferencesby P A R I S
stories are not mine! stories belong to 5-seconds-of-solitude on tumblr. i made this for her as a birthday gift. Happy 17th Brodie<3
5sos Preferences & Imagines by liams_cocaine
5sos Preferences & Imaginesby Alex ♡
Preferences and Imagines of the boys.
I'm going to post preferences for 5sos on here,they are all my own so give credit if you use them but I doubt you will because they are really bad,anyway I hope you like...
Wonder [Calum Hood One Shot] by SumNawaz
Wonder [Calum Hood One Shot]by summer
You wondered if he felt what you did. You wondered if he wanted you as much as you wanted him. You wondered when you would stop having to wonder. *Calum Hood One Shot* ...
5SOS preferences by saucy5sauce
5SOS preferencesby Annabelle
More preferences than times Michael has dyed his hair ^.^
5sos preferences by luminousluv
5sos preferencesby iris🤍
preferences for your fav aussie idiots :p
Just some imagines for four Great band members