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Outside || Luke Hemmings by Wishdust
Outside || Luke Hemmingsby Mandy
'You mean to say...you've never walked outside until today?'
Learning to save by _booklover564_
Learning to saveby _just.a.person_
Kaycee was starting her journey to hopefully start a successful career. Late nights, early mornings it didn't matter as long as she learned everything she could in hopes...
Disguised as Alex by dementedlybroke
Disguised as Alexby dementedlybroke
Okay, so maybe living a guy's life was harder than it looks. Hey, I'm Anne Flames. Just another normal girl. I have long and curly brown hair that runs till my waist and...
Surfer's Sense//l. hemmings by lukelaheylover
Surfer's Sense//l. hemmingsby Madi:)
In which a girl, who knows nothing other than surfing, has her whole life get turned upside down. She starts loosing all hope. But she has them. Will these four Aussies...
Letters ➸ Michael Clifford by hxxdwinked
Letters ➸ Michael Cliffordby Judge Judy
In which two people meet over a misdirected letter.
Luke hemmings instagram by christina709
Luke hemmings instagramby Christina
Luke Hemmings || Selena Gomez
Baby • cashton af by notparker
Baby • cashton afby made of stars
❝I don't understand what's so addictive about you. Maybe it's your inviting smirk or your taunting ways, but baby I'm so hooked on you.❞ ✘ Or where Calum likes wearing p...
Beside You (An Ashton Irwin Fanfiction) by UmHello_
Beside You (An Ashton Irwin Fanfic...by Laura ✨
Laura is a short minded, insecure girl. When her best friend Michael introduces her to his band, emotions crash as she gains a crush on the drummer, Ashton. Tears fall...
idol; cashton by cutelucass
idol; cashtonby 🤡julia
gdzie Ashton jest początkującym muzykiem, a Calum jego pierwszym psychofanem. start: 27/05/16 koniec: 03/07/16 04/07/16 - #568 Fanf...
A Little Luke Hemings Story by Petunia_Rose22
A Little Luke Hemings Storyby Petunia_Rose22
This is just a cute story about you and Luke's relationship. Some smut, some romance, some cute, all of the above! Hope you enjoy!
Vampire / m.c by lizisqueenz
Vampire / m.cby Chazza
Michael Clifford is a vampire with a love for pizza and hair dye. Nobody knows his secret except for his 3 best mates. What happens when he meets a girl and his secret i...
Group Therapy // 5sos by inevitabilityy
Group Therapy // 5sosby inevitabilityy
"Let me in!" I scream through the door. My worst nightmare is coming true. I pound on the door some more. "Luke, I can't hear crying anymore." Michae...
Test Subject 101 || muke hybrid by AlexFromTarg
Test Subject 101 || muke hybridby LukeyMikeyAshyCally
Luke is a one of many experiments. He is a male feline hybrid. Charles Clifford is 'The Doctor'. Michael Clifford is his nephew and Charles finally decides it was time t...
New Descendants // 5SOS by xstrayme
New Descendants // 5SOSby xstrayme
I don't own 5SOS. Descendants + 5SOS fanfic. I came up with this idea over more than a year ago but never had time to write it down. Now I do have time so here's the sto...
Missing // 5SOS, Lashton AU by xstrayme
Missing // 5SOS, Lashton AUby xstrayme
Missing; Luke goes 'missing' and only four people know where he is. Famous!Luke Kidnapper!Ashton I don't own 5sos.
Out of my Limit [5SOS Fanfic] by yourgirlmorg
Out of my Limit [5SOS Fanfic]by morgan
'I closed my eyes and tried to relax as the plane moved into action. We had a long flight and I had a feeling I wouldn’t be getting a lot of sleep these next couple of d...
5SOS Love <3 Imagines, preferences and other stuff by IloveLA88
5SOS Love <3 Imagines, preferences...by IloveLA88
Hey guys to this is a joined book with my sisters @melissaw8 and @molly_me12 and my cousin @thathalfasiangirl Its gonna be perferences and imagines and lots of other 5so...
5 Seconds Of Summer by Mystery6302
5 Seconds Of Summerby Maya Dior
You and your favourite member of 5Sauce. Enjoy!
MTV's Disaster Date >> 5sos by HeyyItsMacy
MTV's Disaster Date >> 5sosby Macy :P
~ >> It all started on Mtv's disaster date << ~